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MoniePoint USSD code to transfer Money, Check Account Balance, Loan, Borrow Money and For Airtime Purchase

MoniePoint is a mobile banking service provided by Fidelity Bank that allows you to perform various financial transactions right from your mobile phone using USSD codes. With MoniePoint, you can transfer money, check account balance, take loans, borrow airtime, and more without internet access or downloading any app. All it takes is dialling a USSD code on your phone and following the prompts.

In this guide, we will explore the various USSD codes for MoniePoint and how to use them to enjoy seamless banking services.

What is USSD?

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. It is a protocol used by GSM phones to communicate with the service provider’s computer. USSD codes are short codes in the format *service_code# that can be dialled from your phone’s dialler just like making a normal call. When you enter the USSD code, a session is initiated with your bank’s computers to provide the service you requested.

USSD banking is advantageous because it works on any type of phone and does not require internet access or data. As long as you have network coverage, dialling the USSD code will connect you to your bank. The transactions are also secured through encryption.

Some key things to note about USSD banking:

• No internet/data required – works with any basic phone
• Fast and real-time communication
• Encrypted and secure
• Sessions terminate after a timeout if inactive
• Does not work when phone is switched off

MoniePoint USSD Codes for Banking Services

Here are the main USSD codes for accessing various MoniePoint services:

1. *770*0# – Transfer Money
2. *770*6*1# – Check Account Balance
3. *770*1# – Buy Airtime
4. *770*5*1# – Take Loan
5. *770*5*4# – Borrow Money

Let us look at how to use each of these codes in detail:

Transfer Money


This is the USSD code for transferring money from your MoniePoint wallet to another MoniePoint user. Follow these simple steps:

1. Dial *770*0#
2. Select 1 for Money Transfer
3. Enter Beneficiary Phone Number
4. Enter Transfer Amount
5. Enter your MoniePoint PIN
6. Confirm details and complete transfer

You will receive a prompt confirming if the transfer was successful. The beneficiary will also get an SMS notification of the credit. This provides a fast, convenient way to send money without any forms or paperwork.

Check Account Balance


To check your MoniePoint account balance, simply dial *770*6*1# and your main account balance will be displayed. This provides an quick way to check your balance without having to visit an ATM or branch.

Buy Airtime


MoniePoint makes it easy to recharge your mobile prepaid account. Just dial *770*1#, select your network operator, enter airtime amount, and confirm to instantly recharge your phone. This eliminates the need to buy scratch cards or vouchers for airtime.

Take Loan


MoniePoint offers quick unsecured loans right from your mobile phone. To apply for a loan, dial *770*5*1#, enter the loan amount you want to borrow, your repayment period, and confirm your PIN. Once approved, the loan amount will be instantly credited into your MoniePoint wallet.

Repayment will be automatically deducted from your wallet at the specified intervals. Taking a loan is now as easy as making a USSD call with MoniePoint.

Borrow Money


If you need money urgently, you can borrow from a friend or family member directly using MoniePoint. To request money, dial *770*5*4#, select ‘Borrow Money’, enter amount required and the mobile number of the person you want to borrow from.

The person will get an SMS notification with your borrow request. If they accept, the amount will be transferred instantly into your wallet. This provides quick access to funds in times of need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What phones can I use MoniePoint on?

MoniePoint works on any type of phone including feature phones. As long as your phone can make calls and send texts, you can use MoniePoint.

Do I need internet access to use MoniePoint?

No. MoniePoint uses USSD codes which rely on your mobile network. As long as you have network coverage, you can use the service without mobile data or WiFi.

Is there any app I need to download?

No, there is no app required. Just dial the USSD codes directly from your phone dialer.

How secure are the transactions?

MoniePoint utilizes encryption to secure all transactions. Your personal and financial information is safe.

What happens if I dial a wrong USSD code?

You will get an error message if you enter an incorrect code. Simply recheck the code and dial again.

Can I transfer money to bank accounts too?

Currently you can only transfer to other MoniePoint wallets. You cannot transfer directly to bank accounts.

Do I need to register before using MoniePoint?

Yes, you need to register with your BVN to create a MoniePoint wallet before utilizing the services.

Are there any transaction charges?

MoniePoint has minimal charges for money transfers and other services. Check their website for updated rates.

How long does it take to receive borrowed money?

Once the lender approves, borrowed money is credited to your wallet instantly via USSD.

Can I pay bills like DSTV via MoniePoint?

Bill payment services are not available yet on MoniePoint. You can only do P2P transfers, airtime purchase and loans for now.


MoniePoint has truly revolutionized banking by bringing a wide range of financial services to your fingertips through simple USSD codes. The codes are easy to use on any phone and provide a convenient way to transfer, borrow or lend money without paper forms, long queues or internet requirements.

So next time you need to send funds urgently, recharge airtime or take a quick loan, simply dial the MoniePoint USSD codes from the comfort of your mobile phone. The service is secure, instant and available across Nigeria. Use these codes to enjoy banking on the go.

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