EaseMoni Customer Care Whatsapp Number, Phone Number, Email Address and Office Address

EaseMoni is a leading fintech platform that provides access to quick loans and other financial services to customers across Nigeria. With a strong focus on financial inclusion and empowerment, EaseMoni aims to help underserved populations gain access to the formal financial system.

In this blog post, we provide all the key customer care contact details for EaseMoni, including WhatsApp number, phone number, email address, and office address.

Whether you are an existing or potential EaseMoni customer looking for assistance or simply want to get in touch with the company, this guide has all the information you need.

EaseMoni Customer Care Whatsapp Number

The EaseMoni customer care WhatsApp number is: +234 908 722 5552

This number allows you to directly chat with a customer care agent on WhatsApp for any inquiries or complaints regarding EaseMoni’s products or services. Given WhatsApp’s popularity in Nigeria, this is often the quickest and most convenient contact channel for customers.

So if you have any questions on your EaseMoni account, transactions, repayment schedule, technical issues, or other grievances, you can text customer care at +234 908 722 5552 and have them resolved promptly. Make sure to add this number to your contacts for easy access whenever needed.

WhatsApp Tips for Customers

Here are some tips to get faster responses when reaching out on WhatsApp:

• Clearly state your issue up front in the first message
• Keep messages crisp and to the point
• Reply promptly to agent questions for quick back-and-forth
• Share screenshots or files to explain visual issues
• Save media before sending as files may expire after download
• Follow instructions and suggestions provided to resolve issues

Following these best practices will help streamline your conversations and get problems fixed faster on WhatsApp.

Types of Queries to Ask on WhatsApp

You can inquire about a diverse set of topics related to your EaseMoni account or services on WhatsApp. Some common queries include:

Account Information

• Login or password reset issues
• Requests for account statements
• Questions on profile or KYC update

Loan Applications

• Eligibility and documentation doubts
• Status of submitted applications
• Re-application queries

Disbursals & Repayment

• Non-receipt of approved loans
• Pending or failed repayment transactions
• Foreclosure, prepayment, or restructuring requests

Technical Troubleshooting

• Problems with website or app access
• Glitches in features or processes
• Device compatibility issues


• Complaints over unsatisfactory service
• Feedback over unexpected fees or charges
• Rectification for process or transaction errors

WhatsApp allows you to get personalized responses tailored to your unique query from the comfort of your chat window. So next time you need assistance, simply text the customer care number.

EaseMoni Customer Care Phone Number

In addition to WhatsApp, EaseMoni also offers customer support through dedicated helplines. The EaseMoni customer care phone number is: +234 903 000 8967

The customer care number is displayed prominently on the EaseMoni website and app. Calls are attended to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If the lines are busy, you also have the option to request a call-back.

Phone Tips for Quick Assistance

Follow these tips when calling EaseMoni customer care helplines:

• Clearly explain your issue to the agent in a structured manner
• Note down reference IDs given for follow-up needs
• Stay on call while agents retrieve your details or resolve technical issues
• Have relevant information like account number handy before calling
• Take names of agents for future communication trails
• Request escalation to a senior representative if needed

Equipped with relevant information and following these best practices when calling, you are sure to have your problems swiftly fixed by the helpful phone support staff.

EaseMoni Customer Care Email Address

Email is another simple way to get in contact with EaseMoni’s customer care department. The EaseMoni customer care email address is:

Sending an email allows you to explain issues in depth and also attach relevant documents or screenshots to support your communication. Some scenarios where emailing customer support is recommended:

• Need lengthy clarification on eligibility, technical configuration, etc.
• Have confidential data, statements, or files to share securely
• Want written documentation of your communication and EaseMoni’s response

Emails to are typically answered within 24 hours on weekdays and a little later over weekends. So while not ideal for extremely urgent matters, emails are great for non-time-sensitive inquiries or documentation-heavy complaints.

It helps to include your registered phone number, account number, or application ID when mailing for quick resolution. Also, ensure to describe your issue clearly and check your spam folder for their response.

Best Practices for Emailing Agents

Follow these tips to get timely and relevant responses over email:

• Include a precise subject line summarizing your issue
• Focus on one specific issue instead of multiple scattered questions
• Explain the background of problems faced before seeking help
• Be polite in your communication tone
• Reply promptly to agent emails seeking further information
• Save copies of email trails for persistent issues requiring follow-ups

Following email best practices improves clarity and helps in early diagnosis and resolution of your complaints.

Use Cases to Email Customer Care

While WhatsApp and calls are great for real-time conversations, email shines for:

Submitting Documents

For sending paper-intensive information like bank statements, income proof, and updated KYCs safely instead of risky messaging platforms, emails work best.

Written Confirmation

To get written clarification from EaseMoni on matters like foreclosure terms, eligibility criteria, or interest calculations, emails provide legally binding confirmation that you can save for future reference.

Complex Complaints

For highly technical queries on integrations, data privacy, or settlements, putting detailed explanations in writing ensures precise understanding for agents to resolve tricky issues.

Legal or Regulatory Clarification

Seeking definitive guidance on applicable laws, consumer forums for grievance escalation, regulatory compliance certificates, or reporting data inaccuracies is best done over traceable emails.

So whenever you need to send confidential data, require fixed written responses on complex issues, or seek legal guidance, emailing helps.

EaseMoni Office Address

If you prefer to visit the EaseMoni office in person, they have a head office in Lagos that handles all customer interactions. The details are:

EaseMoni Head Office Address

10, Providence Street,
Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

At their office, you can speak with customer experience officers, team leaders, technical support, as well as leadership if your concerns require high-level intervention. They also have systems to digitally log and monitor complaints raised at the branch for better follow-ups.

Remember to call up and get an appointment before visiting to ensure a quick resolution when you get there. Also, carry any documents relevant to your case for the staff to assist you better.

Needs for Visiting Branches

While remote channels suffice for most queries, visiting offline branches helps for:

Sensitive Complaints

If you need to discuss very confidential data mishandling, privacy breaches, or staff misbehavior cases discretely in person, visit the office directly.

Document Verification

Getting assistance with compiling paperwork, authenticating income proofs, or rectifying KYC errors is easier done in person at branches.

Local Language Support

If you face difficulties communicating critical issues clearly over calls or social messaging in English, regional branch visits can provide help in native languages.

Legal Counseling

Seeking expert legal consultation over unfair contract terms, grievance escalation options, or consumer rights is better-done face-to-face with counselors at offices.

So for personalized sensitive complaint redressal, document assistance, native language support, or legal counseling, visiting the EaseMoni headquarters directly can help resolve concerns through focused discussions.

Frequently Asked Questions About EaseMoni Customer Care

What is the EaseMoni customer care WhatsApp number?

The EaseMoni customer care WhatsApp number is +234 908 722 5552. You can text this number on WhatsApp for quick responses to queries.

Does EaseMoni have a toll-free customer care helpline?

Yes, the EaseMoni customer care phone number +234 903 000 8967 is toll-free. You can call anytime to speak to an agent.

How can I email EaseMoni for customer support?

You can email for any inquiries or complaints. Emails typically receive responses within 24 hours.

What details should I provide when contacting customer care?

Please provide your registered phone number, account number, or loan application ID. Also clearly explain your issue and provide any supporting documents.

What language options does EaseMoni customer care offer?

EaseMoni customer care is available in English as well as in major local Nigerian languages like Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, etc. based on your preference.

Can I visit the EaseMoni office for support?

Yes, you can visit their head office at 10 Providence Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos with a prior appointment for in-person resolution.

Is EaseMoni customer care accessible 24/7?

Yes, EaseMoni customer care can be reached 24×7 via calls, WhatsApp, or email. Office visits require scheduling in advance.


We hope this detailed guide covers everything you need to get in touch with an EaseMoni customer care representative through various channels. Key takeaways include:

WhatsApp for quick resolutions over chat
Call helplines for live troubleshooting guidance
Email for confidential written complaints
Visit branches for personalized counseling

So whether you prefer messaging, calling, mailing, or meeting in person, EaseMoni has you covered. Save these customer care details for seamless assistance always.

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