EasyBuy Customer Care Phone Number, Whatsapp, Email and Office Address

EasyBuy is one of the most popular online shopping platforms in India. It offers a wide range of products across various categories like electronics, fashion, home appliances, books, groceries etc. EasyBuy makes online shopping extremely convenient with great deals and discounts, fast delivery and smooth return and refund processes.

However, customers may sometimes face issues while shopping on EasyBuy and need to reach out to customer care for assistance. In this blog, we provide all the contact details of EasyBuy customer care including phone number, WhatsApp, email and office address that you can use to get in touch with them.

EasyBuy Customer Care Phone Number

The EasyBuy customer care number is the quickest way to get in touch with their support team. You can call them on the toll-free number 1800-000-0000 to speak with a customer care executive who can assist you with your queries or issues.

This customer care helpline is available 24×7 and you will be connected to an agent after a short waiting time. You need to provide some basic information like your name, order ID etc and explain your concern.

The executive will check the details and try to resolve your issue to your satisfaction. If it is something that requires escalation, they will do that too. So the EasyBuy customer care number is your best bet to get quick resolutions.

WhatsApp Customer Care

Along with the phone number, EasyBuy also offers customer support on WhatsApp. You can text your queries and concerns to their WhatsApp number 9876543210 and get assisted by a chat agent. This is beneficial if you cannot call and need help urgently.

The chat agent will request your order or account details to look into the matter and provide necessary information or solutions. For any follow-up questions too, you can simply text them on WhatsApp.

This makes the customer experience smooth, quick and convenient. WhatsApp customer service is available 24×7 like the call center.

Email Customer Care

You can also get in touch with the EasyBuy customer care team through email. Just send your detailed query to and their representative will get back to you with the required help or information. Email is useful if you need any information that does not require immediate resolution.

The response time for email customer service is 24 hours on working days. So for any general enquiries or non-urgent grievances, you can write to them at the above email ID and expect a response within a day.

EasyBuy Head Office Address

In addition to the remote customer care options like call, WhatsApp and email, you can also visit the EasyBuy head office and regional office addresses in person in case you need any urgent help.

The EasyBuy head office address is:

EasyBuy Retail Private Limited
ABC Building,
Main Market Road,
City XYZ – 123456

The office timings are from 10 AM to 6 PM Monday to Saturday. You can visit the head office and meet the customer service team to explain your issue and get help. Carry your order details or account information when you visit.

Apart from the head office, EasyBuy also has regional offices in major cities. You can visit your nearest regional office for assistance. Some EasyBuy regional office addresses are:

1. EasyBuy Regional Office Delhi
Address: LMN Complex, PQR Road, Delhi – 110001

2. EasyBuy Regional Office Mumbai
Address: STU House, RST Lane, Mumbai – 220002

3. EasyBuy Regional Office Bangalore
Address: WXY Villa, ZAC Road, Bangalore – 560077

4. EasyBuy Regional Office Hyderabad
Address: JKL Square, FGH Street, Hyderabad – 500088

Common Customer Queries and How to Get them Resolved

When you shop online on portals like EasyBuy, there can be some common queries or issues that may come up during your purchase journey.

Here are some of the frequently asked customer questions and how you can get them resolved via the EasyBuy customer care.

1. Order and Delivery Related Queries

Sometimes your order does not get delivered on time or reaches the wrong address. Some common queries related to EasyBuy order and delivery include:

• Where is my order? Not received on estimated delivery date
• Order delivered to wrong address
• Return pickup not done for replacement/refund
• Delivery executive behaved rudely

For any of these delivery related issues, you can call the EasyBuy customer care helpline or chat with them on WhatsApp. Provide your order ID and registered details.

The agent will track your order status and provide an update. If needed, they will schedule a return pickup or redirect your order to the correct address. Delivery issues are quickly resolved.

2. Payment and Refund Issues

There could also be some payment or refund issues like:

• Payment deducted but order not placed
• Partial refund not received
• Refund not credited after return request

To get payment and refund queries fixed, get in touch with customer care via call or email. Give transaction reference numbers or order IDs for reference and the team will investigate the status of your payments. In case of any discrepancies, the amount will be refunded or adjusted as required.

3. Product and Seller Related Queries

For any concerns regarding products, sellers etc, you can speak to EasyBuy agents on the helpline. Some examples are:

• Wrong or damaged product delivered
• Seller not responding to messages
• Counterfeit product suspicion
• Product warranty and guarantee issues

The customer care team will get the issues escalated to the concerned department or seller for further inspection and resolution as per policy. Damaged/fake items are replaced while seller issues are investigated and resolved.

4. Account and App Issues

There could also be some account or app specific queries that users may have:

• Login failure
• App crashing frequently
• Account hacked
• OTP not received
• Forgot password

To troubleshoot any technical issues with your EasyBuy account or app, you need to call the helpline and provide username or registered mobile number. You will be assisted with password resets, login fixes, app reinstallation or other resolution as applicable.

So for any category of query – orders, seller, payments, refunds, product or account-related, just reach out to EasyBuy customer care via phone, WhatsApp, email or by visiting the regional office. The dedicated teams are there to handle all your issues and ensure a satisfactory buying experience.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What is the EasyBuy customer care number?

The EasyBuy customer care number is 1800-000-0000. This toll-free number is available 24×7 to assist customers with any queries or issues.

Does EasyBuy have WhatsApp customer service?

Yes, you can contact EasyBuy customer support on WhatsApp by messaging them at +91-9876543210. This number is active 24×7.

How do I email EasyBuy customer care for assistance?

You can email your queries to EasyBuy customer service at The response time is 24 hours on working days.

What are the EasyBuy head office and regional office addresses?

The EasyBuy head office is located at ABC Building, Main Market Road, City XYZ, 123456. Regional offices are present in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

My order is delayed beyond the delivery date. What should I do?

Contact EasyBuy customer care by calling 1800-000-0000 or chatting with them on WhatsApp at +91-9876543210. Provide order details and they will track and expedite delivery.

I have received a defective product. How can I get it replaced?

Get in touch with customer care through email or phone call. They will initiate return pickup and replacement of the defective item as per policy.

I forgot my EasyBuy account password. How can I reset it?

Call the EasyBuy helpline or chat with customer care on WhatsApp. After verification, they will reset your account password via OTP. You can then set a new password.

So these are the key EasyBuy customer care contact points – phone number, WhatsApp, email and office addresses. You can conveniently get in touch with the support team via your preferred channel and get quick resolution for any shopping issues.

The customer service is prompt and helpful. Do bookmark these details in case you need them during your online shopping journey with EasyBuy.

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