How to Remove Easybuy Security Plugin on Android Phones

Easybuy is a popular security and privacy app for Android devices that provides various features like app locking, data encryption, WiFi security, and more. While it offers robust protection, you may want to uninstall Easybuy at some point if you feel it’s slowing down your phone or you simply don’t need it anymore.

Removing Easybuy completely from an Android phone is easy, but needs to be done properly to avoid any issues. In this detailed guide, I will show you multiple ways to fully uninstall Easybuy and delete any residual files it may have created.

Use Android Settings to Uninstall

The easiest way to remove Easybuy from your Android device is to uninstall it via the Settings app, just like you would any other app. Here are the steps:

1. Open Settings on your Android phone.

2. Scroll down and tap on Apps or Application Manager.

3. In the Application Manager screen, swipe over to the “All” apps tab. If you don’t see Easybuy here, tap the menu button in the upper right and choose “Show system” to display all apps.

4. Locate and tap on Easybuy in the apps list.

5. Tap Uninstall on the next screen.

6. Confirm by tapping OK when prompted to uninstall the app.

This will immediately remove Easybuy from your Android phone. All files, settings, and data associated with the app will also be removed automatically through this process. After restarting your device, Easybuy should be completely erased.

Use Third-Party Uninstallers

Another simple way to get rid of Easybuy is by using app uninstaller tools specifically built for the purpose. These tools not only uninstall apps but also scan for and delete any residual files left behind after uninstallation. Some good uninstaller apps for Android include:

1. CCleaner – Extremely popular app for freeing up storage space and removing bloatware. The built-in uninstaller allows you to wipe Easybuy along with all files.

2. BSafe – All-in-one security app for Android which includes the option to completely uninstall any unwanted app. Removes any associated leftover data.

3. AppEraser – Freemium uninstaller tool that deletes all traces of any app including caches, data, and settings. The premium version adds real-time monitoring.

To use these apps for removing Easybuy:

1. Install and open the uninstaller app.
2. Find and select Easybuy from the list of installed apps.
3. Tap “Uninstall/Remove” and confirm your action.
4. Allow the app to scan your device storage for any Easybuy leftovers.
5. Check that the app no longer appears in your All Apps list.

The uninstaller will automatically delete all unnecessary Easybuy files and you’ll be able to verify if it has been removed entirely from your phone.

Wipe Cache Partition

The cache partition is a system storage area on Android phones that contains temporary app data and residual files. Wiping this partition can delete any remaining Easybuy files still left behind after uninstalling it. Here are the steps:

1. Turn off your Android phone completely.

2. Press and hold the Power button to turn it back on.

3. When you see the manufacturer logo appear, release the Power button.

4. Immediately hold down the Volume Down button until you enter Recovery Mode.

5. Use the volume buttons to scroll down to ‘Wipe Cache Partition’ and select it.

6. Confirm wiping the cache partition by selecting ‘Yes’.

7. After wiping is complete, select ‘Reboot System Now’ to restart your phone.

Be very careful not to accidentally wipe the wrong partition which could result in data loss. Also, cache wiping is not always effective if Easybuy has stored files in other areas of the operating system. Use this method in combination with the above two steps for guaranteed app removal.

Reset App Preferences

Resetting app preferences can clear Easybuy application data stored in your Android phone’s settings storage. Here is the process:

1. Go to Settings > Apps/Application Manager.

2. Tap the menu icon in the upper right corner and select ‘Reset app preferences’.

3. Confirm that you want to reset preferences for all apps.

This will reset all preferences for disabled apps, default app actions, etc. specific to Easybuy. It will also disable and turn off Easybuy if the app is still lingering on your phone. Resetting preferences works as an overall cleaner if any unusual settings caused by Easybuy remain.

Run Antivirus Software

It’s unlikely, but if the Easybuy app contained any malware or suspicious code, running a reliable antivirus scanner could catch it. Top antivirus apps like AVG, Avast, and Lookout are available free for Android.

You can run a manual scan after uninstalling Easybuy to delete any nasty code left over and also scan your entire device storage. If anything suspicious pops up during the antivirus scan about Easybuy, you can safely delete it knowing it’s infected/harmful code. An in-depth virus scan also serves as extra assurance that the app is fully removed from your Android phone along with any worrisome components.

Reset Your Phone to Factory Settings

When all else fails, the nuclear option to get rid of Easybuy completely is to perform a full factory reset on your Android device. This will wipe your phone back to a clean state with the original factory settings. Please be aware that a factory reset will erase all your data, settings, other apps, etc. – everything.

However, it’s the only guaranteed way to remove every last trace of Easybuy from system folders and partitions that standard uninstall methods can’t touch. Before resetting your phone, be sure to back up any data and files you want to keep.

To factory reset:

1. Backup your important data to the cloud or external storage.

2. Go to Settings > Backup & Reset (maybe a variation for some phones).

3. Select Network Settings Reset and then Factory Data Reset

4. Choose Reset Device and confirm

5. Wait patiently for it to complete and your phone will reboot with factory settings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Removing Easybuy Security Plugin On Android Phones

Why would I want to remove Easybuy?

You may want to uninstall Easybuy if you feel it is impacting your phone’s performance, battery life, or storage space, or if you no longer need the security features it provides.

Will removing Easybuy delete my data or other apps?

No, properly uninstalling Easybuy will only remove files related to that app. Your data and other installed apps will not be deleted or impacted.

Is it safe to use third-party uninstallers?

Yes, reputed uninstall apps like CCleaner and BSafe are generally safe to use. Make sure to download them from legitimate app stores.

What is wiping the cache partition?

Wiping the cache partition erases temporary system files and app data stored on your phone. It may delete residual Easybuy files left behind.

How do I access recovery mode on Android?

To boot into recovery mode, turn off your phone, press & hold the Power and Volume down buttons until you see the recovery menu.

What gets deleted via a factory reset?

A factory reset completely erases all data, settings, downloaded apps, and files from your Android device.

Will I lose all my photos if I reset my phone?

Yes, unless you have backed them up externally. So remember to back up any irreplaceable data before a factory reset.

Can I uninstall Easybuy without losing app data?

No, uninstalling also deletes any data stored locally by the app on your phone. Maintain backups when removing apps.

Does removing Easybuy affect security updates?

No, security updates for your base Android OS and firmware are controlled independently. Uninstalling apps does not block system updates.


That concludes my guide on fully removing the Easybuy security app from Android phones. First, try uninstalling Easybuy through your device settings or use an app uninstaller tool. Additionally, wiping the cache partition, resetting app preferences, and scanning with antivirus software can help eliminate any leftover data. Finally, the nuclear option of resetting your phone will clear out Easybuy for good along with everything else saved on the device.

We hope these simple yet effective steps helped you successfully get rid of Easybuy. Let me know if you have any other specific queries related to removing annoying bloatware apps from your Android smartphone.

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