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Sun King Solar Price In Nigeria For Home 600, 400 And 120, Sun King Solar Reviews

Access to electricity is still a major challenge in Nigeria with over 90 million people lacking access to grid power. This situation has led many Nigerians especially those in rural areas to depend on kerosene lanterns, candles, and diesel/petrol generators for their electricity needs. However, these traditional energy sources come with several downsides – they produce toxic fumes, cause fires, are expensive to maintain over time, and are generally unreliable.

Solar home systems provide a clean, safe, and cost-effective alternative source of electricity to address this challenge. One of the popular providers of solar home systems in Nigeria is Sun King. Sun King offers a range of solar panels and lighting products tailored to the needs and income levels of different Nigerian households.

In this blog post, we will provide an overview of Sun King Solar’s prices in Nigeria across its product portfolio. We will specifically focus on prices for their top home solar packages – Sun King Home 600, Sun King Home 400, and Sun King Home 120. For each solar home system, we will also include a brief review based on customer feedback and key product specifications.

Sun King Home 600 Price in Nigeria

The Sun King Home 600 is Sun King’s largest capacity solar home system with a 600W solar panel designed to power several lights, fans, TVs, radios, and other basic appliances. The Sun King Home 600 comprises:

• 600W solar panel
• 150Ah tubular gel battery
• Charge controller
• Cables and other accessories

The Sun King Home 600 kit which includes all these components sells for 570,000 Naira in Nigeria according to the latest prices on their website (

For customers who already own solar panels and batteries, Sun King also offers standalone home lighting kits that can be integrated with existing installations. Their most powerful lighting kit – Sun King Home 600 lights kit goes for 199,000 Naira. This kit contains 9 lighting points that can provide bright LED lighting to all rooms in a 3-4 bedroom home.

Sun King Home 600 Reviews

The Sun King Home 600 scores an average of 4.5/5 stars across various solar product review sites in Nigeria. Most customers praise it for providing bright lighting that illuminates their entire home at night, as well as power for TVs, fans, and phone charging. They mention that the 600W solar panel provides sufficient capacity to meet their daily electricity needs without any outages.

Some do complain about the relatively high upfront cost of the system compared to smaller capacity kits from other brands. However, they agree that the superior quality of Sun King products and after-sales support largely make up for the high initial payment. Overall, the Sun King Home 600 delivers immense value by providing a reliable solar-based power supply for a wide range of appliances to meet the needs of larger families.

Sun King Home 400 Price in Nigeria

For small-medium households with more modest electricity needs, Sun King offers the Sun King Home 400 solar home system. Key highlights of this 400W system are:

• 400W solar panel made of high-efficiency monocrystalline cells
• 100Ah tubular gel battery for electricity storage
• Charge controller and cables
• Can power lights, fans, TV, decoder

The complete Sun King Home 400 kit containing all the components above goes for 360,000 Naira in Nigeria. Sun King also has a lights-only kit with 400W capacity which goes for 130,000 Naira. This basic kit contains 6 lighting points to illuminate key areas of a 2-3 bedroom house at night.

Sun King Home 400 Reviews

The Sun King Home 400 garners consistently positive feedback with most customers awarding it 5-star reviews. They particularly like that it effectively powers all their lighting needs and home appliances while keeping their running costs low. Many mention that after the initial purchase payments, their monthly spending on kerosene and diesel is greatly reduced by switching to the Sun King Home 400 system.

Some customers do point out that the battery life could be longer as they start to notice reduced backup time after using it for 3+ years. Overall though, it offers a reliable solar-powered electricity solution with sufficient capacity for most families at an affordable price point compared to larger systems.

Sun King Home 120 Price in Nigeria

The Sun King Home 120 is the smallest and most affordable solar home system from Sun King Nigeria. As an entry-level solar kit, it is best suited for households with basic electricity needs such as lighting a few rooms and phone charging. Key features of the Sun King Home 120 are:

• 120W solar panel
• 60Ah tubular gel battery
• 2 lighting points and phone charging provision

According to Sun King Nigeria’s website, the complete Sun King Home 120 kit costs 89,000 Naira. For customers that already own solar panels, they also offer a lights-only kit with 120W capacity for 25,500 Naira. This basic kit has cables and sockets to install 2 LED light bulbs in a home.

Sun King Home 120 Reviews

Reviews for the Sun King Home 120 have been largely positive as most customers consider it the best-value solar kit for the price. They mention that it adequately meets the basic lighting and phone charging needs of an average household. Most customers recommend adding a small TV or fan to the system. Some do complain about the size of the battery being a bit small. On the whole, though, it earns praise as an affordable entry-level solar home system with Sun King’s trademark quality and reliability.

Installing A Sun King Solar Home System

While Sun King solar kits come with all the components needed for an off-grid solar installation, customers do need to purchase additional materials like wires, switches, and sockets to complete the setup. Most households work with a local technician to wire up the system. On average customers report spending 10,000 – 20,000 Naira on installation materials and technician fees over and above the cost of the Sun King solar kit.

Many clients also have doubts about positioning the solar panels to efficiently capture sunlight throughout the day. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

• Pick a spot that receives full, unblocked sun for 6-8 hours per day
• Angle the solar panel to face the direction of sunrise/sunset
• Clear any trees or structures that could cause shading
• Mount the panel high up tilted at 15 degree angle

Properly installing the solar system ensures you maximize the energy generation from the panels.


In this post, we have provided an overview of the latest prices and customer opinions of Sun King’s leading solar home offerings – Home 600, Home 400, and Home 120. Although Sun King products are premium priced compared to some generic solar kits, most users in Nigeria find them well worth the extra cost for better reliability, performance, and after-sales support. We hope this price breakdown and review summary help you pick the right Sun King solar home system to electrify your household.

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