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How To Open Kuda Bank Account Without BVN

Kuda Bank is a fast-growing digital bank in Nigeria that offers a modern banking experience through its user-friendly mobile app. One of the frequently asked questions about opening a Kuda account is whether Bank Verification Number (BVN) is required.

The short answer is – Yes, BVN is required to open a full Kuda account with full services. However, Kuda also offers a lite account option that does not require BVN. The lite account allows you to receive funds, make transfers to other Kuda account holders, and pay bills. But you cannot withdraw cash, make transactions outside Kuda, or access certain other services without linking a BVN.

In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of opening both the full Kuda account and lite account without BVN. We will also explain the differences between the two account types, benefits of linking BVN, and tips for using your Kuda account without BVN.

Understanding Kuda Bank Account Types

Kuda offers two types of bank accounts:

Full Kuda Account – This account requires your BVN to be linked during sign up. It offers access to the full range of Kuda services including making transfers to any bank, receiving external transfers, issuing debit cards, and making withdrawals at ATMs.

Lite Kuda Account – This account does not require BVN verification during sign up. However, functionality is limited. You can only make transfers to other Kuda account holders, receive internal transfers, pay bills, and pay for airtime. To upgrade to full account, you will need to link your BVN.

The Main Differences

Without BVN, the key differences between the full Kuda account and Kuda lite account include:

Withdrawals – You cannot withdraw cash on the lite account without BVN. But full account allows ATM withdrawals.

Debit Card – Full account holders get a free debit card. Lite account does not come with a card.

External Transfers – Full account can transfer to any Nigerian bank account. Lite account can only make internal transfers to other Kuda customers.

Receiving Funds – Full account can receive transfers from any bank. Lite account can only receive transfers from other Kuda accounts.

Bills Payment – Both account types can pay bills. But some billers may require BVN, limiting options on the lite account.

Savings & Investment – Full Kuda account holders can create multiple savings wallets, fixed deposits, and access investment options. But lite account does not have savings and investment features.

Loan and Overdraft – Full account holders have access to Kuda loan and overdraft after meeting eligibility criteria. But the lite account does not qualify you for lending products.

The full Kuda account offers the complete suite of banking services while the lite account has limited capabilities. But the lite account is a great way to get started if you do not have BVN.

How To Open A Kuda Full Bank Account (With BVN)

Here are the steps to open a full Kuda account if you already have your BVN:

Step 1: Download the Kuda Mobile App

Go to Google Playstore or iOS App Store and download the Kuda app. It works on Android and iOS smartphones. The app is free to download.

Step 2: Sign Up and Fill Account Opening Form

Open the app, click on “Create an account” and choose “Full Account”. You will be asked to enter your phone number, create a secure password, and fill other personal details like date of birth, email address, residential address etc.

Make sure to provide accurate information at this stage as it will be verified against your linked BVN later.

Step 3: Verify Identity

You will need to upload a clear selfie photo and photo of your valid government-issued ID (national ID, voter’s card, driver’s license or international passport).

Step 4: Link Your BVN

Input your 11-digit BVN number when prompted. Kuda will automatically fetch your account opening details from the BVN database to fill out the form.

Step 5: Fund Your Account

You need to fund your new account with a minimum of 200 Naira. Kuda provides various options to fund your account including:

Debit/credit card – Instantly fund using a Nigerian debit, credit or prepaid card.

Bank transfer – Make an interbank transfer to your new Kuda account from any bank.

Agent banking – Visit an authorized Kuda agent location to deposit cash which will reflect in your Kuda account.

Step 6: You Are All Set

Once your account is funded, you will get an account number and your Kuda account will be fully activated. You can start enjoying the full range of banking services offered to Kuda full account holders.

How To Open A Kuda Lite Account (Without BVN)

Here are the step-by-step instructions to open a Kuda lite account without BVN:

Step 1: Download the Kuda App

Just like opening the full account, first download the Kuda banking app on your phone via Google Playstore or iOS App Store.

Step 2: Sign Up With Phone Number

Open the app, click on “Create an account” and choose the “Lite Account” option.

Enter your phone number to sign up. You will receive an OTP (one-time password) on the phone number entered which you need to input to verify your number.

Step 3: Set Account Password

Create a strong password for your Kuda account. This password will be needed every time you log in to the app.

Step 4: Fill Personal Information

Enter your personal details like full name, email address, date of birth, residence address etc. Make sure the details match your valid ID.

Step 5: Upload ID Photo

You need to upload a clear photo of any valid government-approved ID such as national ID, voters card, drivers license or international passport. This is required for KYC verification even though BVN is not provided.

Step 6: Account Activation

Your lite account will now be activated. You get an account number which can be used to receive transfers from other Kuda account holders.

Step 7: Fund Your Account

To start using the account, you need to fund it with a minimum of 200 Naira. You can fund your lite account only through:

• Another Kuda account holder transferring money to your new lite account

• Visit a Kuda agent location to deposit cash which will reflect in your account

Once funded, you can use the lite account to send money to other Kuda customers, pay bills and more. But remember withdrawals and external transfers are restricted until you link a BVN.

How to Link BVN to Your Existing Kuda Account

If you already opened a lite Kuda account, here are the steps to link your BVN:

Step 1: Login to your Kuda account through the app and go to ‘Profile’.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Add BVN’ option.

Step 3: Enter your 11-digit BVN number and click ‘Continue’.

Step 4: Input your full name when prompted to verify BVN ownership.

Step 5: If details match, your BVN will be successfully linked to your Kuda account automatically converting it to a full account.

Once linked, you can start withdrawing cash, get a debit card, make external transfers and enjoy all other benefits of a full Kuda account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BVN required to open Kuda account?

Kuda offers two account types. A full account requires BVN while a lite account can be opened without BVN.

Can I withdraw money on Kuda lite account?

No, you cannot make withdrawals on the lite account without BVN. Linking BVN is required for ATM withdrawals.

Can I receive money from other banks in Kuda lite account?

No, the lite account can only receive transfers from other Kuda accounts. To receive external transfers, you need to link BVN.

How do I fund my Kuda lite account without BVN?

You can fund the lite account through cash deposits at Kuda agents or transfers from other Kuda customers.

Can I use Kuda lite account for online shopping?

Yes, you can use the lite account for online shopping payments and bill payments. However, some merchants may decline payment if account has no BVN.

How long can I use Kuda account without BVN?

There is no timeline. You can continue using the lite account indefinitely without BVN but with limited capabilities.

What is the minimum opening balance for Kuda account?

You need a minimum of 200 Naira to activate both Kuda lite and full accounts after sign up.

Can I get a debit card on Kuda lite account?

No, only full Kuda account holders are eligible for a Kuda debit card. Lite account does not come with a card.

Is there a limit on transfers on Kuda lite account?

Transactions are capped at 300,000 Naira daily for lite accounts without BVN. No limits on full account.

How do I link BVN to my existing Kuda lite account?

Log in to your Kuda account, go to Profile and click on “Add BVN”. Input your BVN and full name to link it.


Kuda Bank enables access to digital banking for Nigerians with and without BVN. Open a full Kuda account using your BVN to enjoy complete services. Or start with the limited lite account if you don’t have BVN yet. Link your BVN later anytime to upgrade to the full account. Kuda’s innovative approach promotes financial inclusion for the unbanked. Join the digital banking revolution today.

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