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How To Unfreeze Opay Account – Retrieve Your Opay Account For Free

Opay is a popular fintech app that offers a variety of financial services like mobile payments, transfers, investments, loans, and more to millions of users across Nigeria. However, many Opay users have had the unpleasant experience of finding their accounts suddenly frozen or restricted – leaving them unable to access their funds or use the app’s services.

Getting your frozen Opay account unfrozen and retrieved can be a frustrating and confusing process. In this post, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to successfully unfreeze your Opay account and regain access to your funds for free.

Whether your account was frozen due to failed KYC verification, suspicious activity, inactive use, or other reasons, this guide will walk you through the process.

Understanding Why Your Opay Account Was Frozen

The first step is understanding why your Opay account was frozen in the first place. Here are some of the common reasons:

Failed KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process

Opay is required by regulations to verify users’ identities. If their AI system flags your details as suspicious, it will restrict your account until you provide an additional ID.

Suspected fraudulent activity

If there are suspicious transactions like huge transfers or bulk airtime purchases, Opay will block the account to prevent potential fraud.

Prolonged account inactivity

If you haven’t used your Opay account for over 6 months, it falls under dormant accounts and will get restricted.

Violation of Opay’s terms of service

Things like multiple accounts, commercial use, suspicious activities, etc can cause your account to be blocked.

System errors

Sometimes there could be technical issues, bugs, or errors that mistakenly flag your account and freeze it.

Understanding the specific reasons why your account was frozen will help resolve the issue better.

Steps To Unfreeze Your Opay Account

Now let’s get into the step-by-step process of how to unfreeze and regain access to your Opay account.

Step 1 – Contact Opay Customer Support

The first step is to contact Opay customer support and query about why your account was frozen. You can reach their support through:

In-app chat: Open the Opay app, go to Settings > Help and Support > Start Chat. Explain your issue.

Calls: Call their support line at 0700-500-OPAY (6729) to get information on your restricted account.

Emails: Email your query to with details.

Social media: Send a DM to their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages explaining your frozen account issue and requesting assistance.

When you contact Opay support, provide complete details like your full name, phone number used to register your Opay account, account number/ID, and any specifics you know about why it was blocked.

Step 2 – Identity Verification Process

Once you contact support, the next step is to go through Opay’s identity verification process if your account was frozen due to a failed KYC previously.

Opay will ask you to provide a valid ID again like:

– National ID card
– Voter’s card
– Driver’s license
– International passport

Ensure the name, DOB, and phone number on your ID match your registered Opay account details. Avoid blurred or unclear ID photos and use the Opay verification page to submit your document correctly.

If Opay had issues verifying your face or address proof previously, re-submit clearer selfies/proof of residence now. Updated electric/utility bills, lease agreements, etc work to verify your address.

Step 3 – Provide Requested Information/Documents

Besides ID verification, Opay support may ask for other information/documentation based on why your account was frozen, like:

Account statements – If it was for suspicious transfers or transactions, you’ll need to provide account statements indicating the legitimacy of those transfers into your Opay account along with their purpose/source.

Travel details – If the block was due to access from new locations, submit travel tickets/details to verify your movement.

Contracts/agreements – For commercial accounts, you may need to resubmit business incorporation papers, MOUs, etc if issues with those.

Other data as requested by support to confirm your identity, recent transactions, travel patterns, compliance with TOS, and other reasons for the block.

Cooperate fully with the support team by providing every necessary data they require to establish trust in unfreezing your account.

Step 4 – Wait For Opay Review

Once you submit all requested information and documents to Opay support through email/in-app support, you will have to wait 1-3 business days for them to review it and verify.

The Opay team will reassess your account status, redo KYC checks if necessary, and validate reasons to see if account restrictions can be lifted.

This review period can take longer (5-7 working days) if there are complications or they require further documents from your end. Keep coordinating with support via email trail.

Step 5 – Account Unfreeze Confirmation

After Opay support finishes reviewing your documents and additional information, there are two outcomes:

Successful unfreezing – If Opay has satisfactorily determined your account to be legitimate and any reasons for freezing are resolved, they will lift restrictions on your account. You will receive a notification through email/in-app message that your Opay account has been successfully unfrozen.

Failed confirmation – In some cases even after submitting documents, Opay may still uphold the suspension of your account due to risks, serious violations, etc. They can permanently close accounts engaged in illegal activities as well. You will receive communication about this and may have to create a new account.

For successful unfreezing, Opay will either reopen the existing account restore full access, or ask you to sign out and sign in again on the latest app version. Follow prompts and change the password if requested. Confirm account is fully functional again.

Common Challenges and Solutions

Some common challenges faced during the Opay account unfreeze process and their solutions are:

Incorrect details – If your registered details don’t match IDs, re-submit the correct information through support. Update your Opay account itself once unfrozen.

Unclear documents – Blurry IDs, bills, etc lead to failed KYC. Provide high-quality scans/photos of documents according to specifications.

Not reachable over communications medium used previously e.g email. Ensure your primary contact medium with support remains operative.

Lack of response from support due to high volumes – Persist trying other contact channels until you receive a response.

Requests for unrelated information – Only provide what is essential for verification. Don’t acquiesce to unnecessary data requests.

With systematic cooperation, you can overcome challenges and get your account unfrozen.

Additional Tips

Some additional tips for streamlining your Opay account unfreezing process are:

• Remain patient and cooperate fully with support during the process

• Provide accurate/high-quality scans of all documents needed

• Use the in-app chat for quicker real-time assistance

• Double check all details match before submitting anything

• Keep email trails of all communication with Opay support

• Follow up regularly if the process goes beyond 7 days

• Try reaching out on social media Handles if calls/emails are unanswered

• Know your rights and don’t surrender to unrelated requests

• Move conversations to email for binding written communication

Following up persistently with an organized, official approach via the correct channels will get your issues noticed and resolved faster by Opay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was my Opay account frozen?

Common reasons for freezing Opay accounts include failed KYC verification, suspicious payments or transactions, prolonged inactivity, violations of terms of service, and technical errors.

How do I contact Opay to unfreeze my account?

You can contact Opay customer support through in-app chat, calls to 0700-500-OPAY (6729), emails to, or social media DMs. Provide account details and issues.

What information does Opay require to unfreeze my account?

Opay will require a valid ID, selfies, proof of residence documents, account statements for large transfers, travel details, business documents, or other data to verify your identity and activity based on why your account was frozen.

How long does it take to unfreeze my Opay account?

It takes 1-3 working days for Opay to review documents and information submitted and unfreeze accounts after satisfactory verification. Can take 5-7 days for complicated cases needing more details.

My account is still frozen after submitting documents. What should I do?

If your Opay account remains frozen even after submitting KYC details and other documents, persistently follow up with their support team on why restrictions remain and how to resolve any pending queries they have.

I can’t reach Opay customer support. How do I get help?

Try alternate contact channels like calls, emails, and social media DMs if you are unable to reach the support team on one channel. Follow up regularly till the issue is acknowledged.

How soon can I expect account reactivation after freeze removal?

Opay will either instantly reopen your account or ask you to re-login after freeze removal within 24 hours. Change password if prompted before use. Test functionality.


Getting your frozen Opay account unblocked may seem tedious but can be achieved by following the right step-by-step process listed here and working cooperatively with Opay customer support. The key things to remember are:

• Understand why the account was frozen based on notification or through support channels

• Complete KYC/verification requirements with clear documents

• Provide any other data support asks for – statements, travel info, etc

• Follow up and coordinate till your account is reviewed and unblocked

• Manage hiccups like incorrect details, poor scans, etc with updated information

With the proper systematic approach, you can get back full access to your Opay account and funds for free without paying any hidden charges whatsoever. Just ensure perseverant, civil engagement with support staff via in-app/calls/emails till they rescind restrictions. Regain access to seamless payments, transfers, loans, and other Opay services.

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