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Fidelity Bank Ussd Code for Transfer, Account Number and Check Account Balance

Fidelity Bank is one of the top commercial banks in Nigeria with over 6 million customers. The bank offers a wide range of banking services including savings and current accounts, loans, trade services, and cash management solutions.

One of the ways customers can easily access their Fidelity bank accounts, is through the various Fidelity USSD codes for carrying out balance inquiry, funds transfer, and bill payment.

In this guide, we explore the key things you need to know about Fidelity bank ussd codes – covering account balance check, funds transfer, and getting your account number.

Ways to Access Fidelity Bank Services via USSD

USSD, which stands for “Unstructured Supplementary Service Data”, is a protocol used by GSM phones to communicate with the service provider’s computers. USSD codes for Fidelity Bank allow you to initiate banking transactions directly on your mobile phone by dialing a code. Some of the key ways you can access Fidelity bank services via ussd include:

Account balance inquiry
Funds transfer
Generating account number
Airtime purchase
Bills payment
Loan application

The process is easy. Simply dial the appropriate ussd code for the transaction on your registered mobile number with the bank and follow the prompts. Transactions via fidelity ussd banking are instant and you get a notification message upon completion.

Check Fidelity Bank Account Balance

To check your Fidelity bank account balance via USSD, simply dial *770*0#. This is the Fidelity bank balance inquiry code and it works for savings, current, credit card, loan accounts, etc.

Once you enter the code, choose your preferred account you want to check the balance of by selecting the account number. Your account balance details including account name and number will be displayed immediately.

So in summary, to check your Fidelity bank account balance:

1. On your mobile phone, dial *770*0#

2. Select your preferred account

3. Your account balance will be displayed

The best part is that checking your account balance via the fidelity ussd code is free. You are not charged any fees for balance inquiries.

Fidelity Bank Airtime Purchase Code

Apart from checking account balances, the Fidelity Bank USSD platform allows you to buy airtime instantly. To buy airtime on your mobile phone from your Fidelity account dial:

*770*Amount*Mobile number#

So for instance, to buy N1,000 worth of airtime for yourself, dial:

*770*1000*Your mobile number#

Once you enter the ussd code, choose from the option for airtime purchase and select your debit account when prompted. Fidelity will debit your bank account and credit the mobile number with the airtime value immediately. With Fidelity bank airtime purchase code, you can buy airtime anytime for yourself or third parties.

Fidelity Bank Money Transfer Code

One of the popular services customers use Fidelity bank USSD code for is to transfer money to other fidelity account holder as well as other banks. Fidelity offers an easy way to transfer money instantly from your mobile phone to any bank in Nigeria.

To initiate money transfer on fidelity, dial *770*1#. Next, Select Option 1 for Same Bank Transfer or Option 2 for Other Bank transfer.

After that, Enter the transfer details – Account Number, Amount, Beneficiary Narration/Reference. Confirm all details entered and Approve with your mobile PIN to complete the transfer.

The funds will be debited from your Fidelity account immediately and recipient will get an alert depending on destination bank.

Fidelity Bank Inter-Bank Transfer Charges

Fidelity bank charges a flat fee of N50 for all transfers to other banks. However, transfers to Fidelity accounts are free – you’re not charged any fee. Also transfers above N500,000 on fidelity ussd may require additional confirmation and OTP to complete the transaction.

Generate Fidelity Bank Account Number via USSD

Sometimes you need to provide your account number to third parties for transactions but unable to quickly lay your hands on it. Fidelity bank offers a USSD code that allows you generate any of your account numbers instantly.

To generate your account number via ussd, simply dial *770*5#. Next, select the account type you wish to generate – Savings or Current accounts. Choose preference to display full or partial account number. The 10 digits account number will be displayed instantly for you to retrieve. This works whether you have 1 or multiple accounts.

Fidelity Bank Loan Code

Fidelity bank offers personal, salary advance and SME loans to individuals and business. You can initiate a loan application directly via the Fidelity mobile app or USSD without having to visit their branch.

To apply for any loan or get loan balance information, dial *770*4#. Next select:

1. For Loan Application

2. For Loan Balance

Follow the prompt to select the loan product and enter your employment details to complete the application. You will get feedback on the status of your loan application via SMS or email. This allows you start your business or personal loan application on Fidelity without visiting any branch.

Fidelity Bank Customer Care Contacts

Fidelity bank has a dedicated 24 hours customer service with several channels where customers can reach out for support regarding any of their products or services including ussd.

Some Fidelity bank customer care contacts include:

1. Call center lines – 01-2799822, 0700344444244

2. Email –

3. Website live chat

4. Dial *770#

5. Fidelity bank social media pages

6. Visit any Fidelity Bank branch

Fidelity Special Code For Target Savings

The Fidelity Sweeta Savings Account allows saving towards a target event like birthday, wedding, home rent, travel etc over a set period. You can monitor your target savings progress directly via *770*1*00#. Follow the prompt by inputting your target savings account number details.

The ussd code allows check periodic contribution, interest earned, withdrawal as well minimum balance still required to hit your savings target. Fidelity gives you flexibility to readjust your savings timeline or contribution at anytime to meet up your savings goal before the target period.

Tips for Smooth Fidelity Mobile Banking Experience

To ensure you have a smooth ussd banking experience on Fidelity banks, below are a few tips:

• Ensure your SIM card is linked properly to your account
• Have network bars to avoid transaction failure or timeouts
• Know your NUBAN accounts numbers
• Keep your mobile banking pin handy
• Always confirm details entered before sending OTP
• Save important Fidelity bank ussd codes on phone like *770#

With the various Fidelity bank ussd codes for checking balance as well as transferring money to any bank, you can easily carry out transactions 24/7 without internet on your mobile phone.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fidelity Bank USSD Codes

What is USSD?

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. It is a protocol used by GSM phones to communicate with the mobile network operator’s computers. USSD allows you to access mobile banking services through dialing codes on your phone.

What can I do with Fidelity Bank USSD codes?

You can use Fidelity Bank USSD codes to check your account balance, transfer money to other Fidelity accounts or other banks, buy airtime, pay bills, apply for loans, and more.

What is the code to check my Fidelity account balance?

To check your Fidelity account balance, dial *770*0# on your phone. Then select the account you want to check the balance of.

How can I transfer money from my Fidelity account?

To transfer money, dial *770*1#. Then select option 1 for Same Bank transfer or 2 for Other Bank transfer. Enter the account details, amount, narration and approve with your mobile PIN.

What are the transfer charges?

Transfers to Fidelity accounts are free. Transfers to other banks attract a flat fee of N50.

How do I buy airtime from Fidelity Bank?

To buy airtime, dial *770*Amount*Mobile number#. For example, *770*500*08012345678# buys N500 airtime.

What code do I dial to apply for Fidelity Bank loans by phone?

You can apply for Fidelity Loans by dialing *770*4# and select loan application. Follow the prompts to complete the loan application.

How do I generate my Fidelity account number using USSD?

To generate your Fidelity account number, dial *770*5#. Then select account type and choose to display full or partial account number.

Does Fidelity charge for mobile banking transactions?

Most mobile banking services are free including balance inquiry and transfers to Fidelity accounts. You only pay transfer charges to other banks and maybe loan application fees.

What do I do if I have issues with the Fidelity mobile app or USSD service?

You can contact Fidelity Customer care using any of these channels – 01-2799822, 0700344444244, Email: Or visit a nearest branch.


Fidelity bank makes it super convenient to access their banking services via ussd codes. Whether you want to check account balance, buy airtime, transfer money to Fidelity or other banks, pay bills or even apply for loan, you can dial the appropriate fidelity bank ussd code to carry out the transaction from your mobile phone easily. Simply dial *770# to start enjoying seamless banking on the go.

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