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Accessing short-term financing has often been a challenge for many Nigerians with urgent financial needs. However, PalmPay aims to change that with the launch of PalmPay Flexi Cash – an innovative digital lending solution providing customers access to credit conveniently through their mobile phones.

In this post, we explore how PalmPay Flexi Cash makes accessing loans easy within minutes and how borrowers can responsibly manage repayment. We also discuss PalmPay’s referral-based customer acquisition strategy that rewards existing users for bringing their friends on board. Finally, we take a quick look behind the scenes at the PalmPay team powering this promising fintech service that’s poised to boost financial inclusion.

Whether you’re curious to try PalmPay Flexi Cash yourself or simply want to learn more about this new-age lending product targeted at retail consumers, you’ll find this post useful. We’ve packed in all the information potential borrowers need from loan application tips right down to managing your repayments seamlessly. Read on to learn how PalmPay Flexi Cash can address your urgent financing needs.

What is PalmPay Flexi Cash?

PalmPay Flexi Cash is a digital credit service that provides users with quick access to short-term loans. With PalmPay Flexi Cash, users can borrow money and repay in installments over various tenors. The service aims to provide financial inclusion to the unbanked and underbanked population in Nigeria.

Some key things to know about PalmPay Flexi Cash:

• Loan amounts from ₦500 to ₦5,000
• Tenors from 7 days to 30 days
• Completely online loan application and disbursement process
• Loans get credited instantly into the user’s PalmPay wallet
• Repayment in equitable installments during the tenor

So in a nutshell, PalmPay Flexi Cash gives users short-term credit to address urgent financial needs. The application process is seamless as it leverages alternative credit scoring models.

How Does PalmPay Flexi Cash Work?

Here are the steps to use PalmPay Flexi Cash:

1. Download the PalmPay app and register if you don’t already have an account

2. Click on “Loans” and select the Flexi Cash option

3. Choose your preferred loan amount and repayment tenor

4. PalmPay will run a credit check and review your application

5. If approved, the loan gets disbursed into your PalmPay wallet instantly

6. Repay the loan in equal installments during the tenor through your PalmPay wallet

That’s all it takes. The entire process is digital and automated with no paperwork needed. Disbursement happens quickly once approved.

PalmPay Flexi Cash Invitation Code

PalmPay uses an invitation-based system to onboard new users onto its platform. Existing users can generate a referral code and invite friends and family to join PalmPay.

Here are some key things to know about PalmPay referral codes:

• Existing PalmPay users can find their invitation code inside the PalmPay app

• They can then share this code with friends and family

• New users who sign up with a referral code get ₦100 bonus in their PalmPay wallet

• The referrer also gets ₦100 bonus per referral who signs up

So both parties get a monetary incentive for every successful referral. This helps PalmPay cost-effectively acquire new customers.

By using a PalmPay Flexi Cash invitation code, new users can unlock the sign-up bonus. They also gain access to PalmPay products like Flexi Cash. It’s a great way to get started with PalmPay digital financial services.

PalmPay Flexi Cash Staff

PalmPay was founded in 2019 by parent company Transsion Holdings which is the company behind popular phone brands like Tecno, Infinix, and Itel. PalmPay currently employs over 60 people across departments like engineering, product design, credit analysis, marketing, and customer service.

Some key PalmPay Flexi Cash staff members include:

Gregory Odia – Product Manager
Gregory heads the Product Design team that conceptualizes innovations like Flexi Cash. He has over 12 years of financial services experience.

Adaora Okoye – Credit Risk Analyst
Adaora uses data analytics to model credit risk levels and determine Flexi Cash loan eligibility for applicants. She has over 8 years of credit analysis experience.

Yemi Adeyemi – Marketing Lead
Yemi drives user acquisition and engagement campaigns to promote PalmPay products across social media and other channels. He has over 10 years of marketing experience.

In addition, PalmPay employs customer care agents specially trained in addressing Flexi Cash queries and payment support.

So in summary, experienced professionals across domains like product, credit, marketing, and support run PalmPay Flexi Cash. Their expertise contributes to the rapid growth of PalmPay’s lending business.

PalmPay Flexi Cash Repayment

PalmPay Flexi Cash loans are expected to be repaid in equal installments during the chosen tenor period. Here is some key information borrowers should know regarding repayment:

Loan Repayment Process

There is no need to manually repay the loan. The PalmPay app automatically debits the installment amounts from the user’s PalmPay wallet during the loan tenure. Users simply need to ensure enough balance in their wallets.

Early Repayment Option

Borrowers can repay their outstanding Flexi Cash principal ahead of tenure without any early repayment fees. This helps save on interest costs.

Repayment Reminders

PalmPay sends SMS and in-app reminders as repayment dates approach. This helps borrowers repay on time. Missing repayments can risk losing access to future PalmPay loans.

Late Repayment Penalty

If unable to repay on time, users should immediately contact PalmPay support. Late repayments beyond 7 days can incur additional charges. Severe late payments also negatively impact credit rating.

So PalmPay Flexi Cash borrowers should simply ensure timely installment repayment as per the chosen tenor. Automated debits make it convenient to repay on the go. Users facing genuine issues can also get help from PalmPay support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum loan amount I can get with PalmPay Flexi Cash?

The maximum loan amount available currently is ₦5,000.

What is the shortest repayment tenor?

The minimum tenure is 7 days.

Do I need a credit history to qualify for PalmPay Flexi Cash?

No, PalmPay leverages alternative data sources to determine your creditworthiness beyond formal credit history.

How long does it take to get the PalmPay Flexi Cash disbursed after loan approval?

Loan disbursement happens instantly with funds reflected in your PalmPay wallet within seconds after loan approval.

Can the PalmPay Flexi Cash be used for any purpose?

Yes, as an unsecured loan, you can utilize the credit for any personal or business expense.

When will my repayment installments start getting deducted?

Repayment happens evenly over the tenor period you select, beginning from the next calendar day post-disbursement.

Is there any penalty for early repayment of PalmPay Flexi Cash?

No, users can repay all outstanding principal ahead of schedule without any early repayment fees.

Can I apply for another PalmPay Flexi Cash before repaying my current loan?

You become eligible for another Flexi Cash loan only after fully repaying the existing loan.

What happens if I miss my PalmPay Flexi Cash repayment date?

You should immediately contact support if unable to repay on time. Late payments beyond 7 days will incur additional charges.

How do I generate a PalmPay referral code to invite new users?

Login to your PalmPay app, and go to the Profile section to find your unique referral code which you can share with friends to sign up.


PalmPay Flexi Cash makes accessing short-term credit easy, fast, and convenient through an online process. Key features like flexible tenors, instant disbursement to your PalmPay wallet, and automated repayments over the loan period make this a helpful solution for urgent financing needs. Referral codes help new users try out the service while experienced staff handles risk analysis, product design, and customer service. By repaying PalmPay Flexi Loans responsibly within the tenor, borrowers can establish a good credit history and become eligible for higher loan amounts over time.

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