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Palmpay OK Card, How to Repay, Deactivate and Unfreeze Account

The Palmpay OK Card has become a popular prepaid card option in Nigeria, allowing users to make payments, withdrawals, transfers, and more. However, there are some key things OK Card users should know when it comes to repaying, deactivating, and unfreezing their accounts.

This blog post will provide a comprehensive guide on how to manage your OK Card account.

Repaying Your OK Card

If you have an outstanding balance or debt on your OK Card, you will need to repay it to continue using the card. Here are the steps to repay your OK Card balance:

1. Log in to your OK Card account online or through the mobile app. Go to the repayment section.

2. Select whether you want to make a full or partial repayment. If making a partial repayment, enter the amount you wish to pay.

3. Select your repayment method. Options include:

– Debit/credit card
– Bank transfer
– Cash deposit at an OK agent location

4. Enter your repayment details and submit. For card payments, you will be prompted to provide your card information. For bank transfers, you will need to log in to your bank account to initiate the transfer.

5. The repayment amount will usually be reflected in your OK Card account immediately for card payments or within a few hours for bank transfers and cash deposits.

6. You can view your updated OK Card balance and repayment history in your account. Continue using your card for payments and withdrawals as desired.

To avoid owing balances, it’s best to only spend the amount preloaded in your OK Card account. But if you do owe any amount, be sure to repay it promptly to continue enjoying uninterrupted usage of your card.

Deactivating Your OK Card

If you no longer wish to use your Palmpay OK Card, you can easily deactivate it by following these steps:

1. Log in to your OK Card account through the mobile app or website.

2. Go to your profile settings.

3. Look for the deactivate card option. On the app, you can find it in the More section of your profile page. On the website, it will be under Account Settings.

4. A popup will appear asking you to confirm OK card deactivation. Select yes to proceed.

5. Your OK card will now be deactivated. You will no longer be able to use it for any transactions.

To reactivate your card in the future, simply log back into your account and select the reactivate card option under profile settings.

A few things to keep in mind when deactivating your card:

• Any amount remaining in your OK card account will be refunded to your primary account like a bank account that is linked to it. So be sure those details are updated.

• Outstanding payments owed on the card, if any, will still need to be cleared before the account is closed.

• No account maintenance fees or penalties apply for deactivating. You can easily reactivate it later at no extra cost.

Deactivating the card is the best option if you don’t intend to use it for an extended period but may still want the flexibility of reactivating it when needed.

Unfreezing Your OK Card

Sometimes due to lack of usage over an extended period or other risk factors, Palmpay may temporarily freeze your OK Card account to protect against misuse. Here is what to do if your account gets frozen:

1. If you try using your OK card and see a “Card Frozen” notification, contact Palmpay customer care immediately through call, chat, or email.

2. For security reasons, be prepared to verify your personal information like full name, card details, ID proof, etc.

3. Once Palmpay verifies your credentials and is satisfied there is no risk, they will immediately unfreeze your OK card account.

4. You will receive a notification when your card has been successfully unfrozen. You can now resume using all features.

To avoid the inconvenience of account freeze in the first place, here are some tips:

• Try using your OK card at least once every 2-3 months for any transaction like payments, withdrawals, etc. Inactivity can trigger risk alerts.

• Promptly notify Palmpay customer care if you change your registered contact information like mobile number, email, etc. This prevents communication gaps.

• Maintain valid ID proofs with updated address and contact details in your account. It facilitates quick verification during account unfreezing.

Keeping these best practices in mind will help minimize the chances of your card getting blocked unnecessarily in the future. But even if it does happen accidentally, just reach out to Palmpay support to swiftly unfreeze it with minimal hassles involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Palmpay OK Card?

The Palmpay OK Card is a prepaid virtual debit card that allows you to make payments, purchases, withdrawals, and transfers securely online and offline.

How much does the OK Card cost?

The Palmpay OK Card is completely free. There are no fees or hidden charges for the card.

Can I withdraw money from my OK Card?

Yes. You can withdraw money at any Palmpay agent or ATM in Nigeria that displays the Mastercard brand sign. Simply insert your card and enter your PIN to withdraw cash.

Can the PalmPay OK Card be used abroad?

No. The OK Card can currently only be used within Nigeria. It is not a foreign currency Card. Palmpay does offer other Forex travel cards for international payments.

Are there fees for withdrawals, transfers, and car maintenance?

All withdrawals, transfers, bill payments, purchases, and other transactions are free with the OK Card. There also are no hidden or monthly maintenance fees associated with the card.

My OK Card is blocked. What should I do?

If your card gets blocked due to inactivity or risk reasons, contact PalmPay customer care and they will verify your information to unfreeze your account. Unfreezing is easy and swift when you give valid details. Your card will be activated again shortly.

Is there an expiry date for the OK Card?

The virtual OK Card does not have a fixed expiry date and can be used as long as your account is in good standing and not deactivated.

How is the OK Card different from a regular bank debit card?

Unlike a bank debit card, the OK Card is fully prepaid and lets you enjoy seamless online/offline payments and withdrawals without the need for a traditional bank account. Convenience is the key benefit.


The Palmpay OK Card brings the convenience of cashless payments and withdrawals into your hands. Like any prepaid account, it requires responsible usage and management from time to time. By understanding how to properly repay dues, deactivate the card if required, or get an account unfreeze in case it gets blocked, you can easily handle common account issues that may arise.

Repaying outstanding balances promptly, keeping account activity frequent, and confirming updated personal information with Palmpay are key ways to avoid account disruptions when using your OK Card. And if you do face problems, their customer support is always ready to assist you with quick solutions.

So embrace the advantages of going cashless with your rechargeable OK Card. And rely on this guide whenever needed to seamlessly manage repayment, deactivation, or account unfreezing concerns. This will ensure you enjoy a smooth and interruption-free OK Card experience as you go about your busy life.

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