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Jaiz Bank Transfer Code And Jaiz Bank Ussd Code

Jaiz Bank is one of the leading Islamic banks in Nigeria that offers Sharia-compliant banking services. For customers looking to transfer funds or access bank services via USSD codes, understanding the different Jaiz Bank transfer codes and USSD codes is essential.

In this guide, we provide an overview of the key things to know about Jaiz Bank transfers and USSD codes.

Introduction to Jaiz Bank

Jaiz Bank is a retail bank licensed to provide Islamic banking services in Nigeria. The bank was founded in 2003 but officially began operations in 2012 after receiving a regional banking license from the Central Bank of Nigeria. As an Islamic bank, Jaiz Bank operates under Islamic banking principles which prohibit interest charges. The bank offers banking products and services that adhere to Sharia law.

Jaiz Bank currently has over 50 branches spread across Nigeria and continues to expand its operations. The bank offers deposit services like current accounts, savings accounts, and various investment account options. It also provides financing options, including commercial, corporate, and consumer financing that complies with Sharia principles.

Importance of Bank Transfer and USSD Codes

Bank transfer codes and USSD codes play an important role in facilitating seamless financial transactions and account access.

Bank transfer codes enable customers to transfer funds from one bank account to another quickly and securely. Customers can initiate transfers using codes through their mobile banking apps, internet banking platforms, or by filling out forms at a bank branch. Transfer codes confirm important details like recipient account details, transfer amount, and purpose of transfer.

USSD codes on the other hand allow customers to access their bank accounts and carry out transactions using basic feature phones. By dialing designated USSD codes and following prompt instructions, customers can check account balances, transfer funds, buy airtime, pay bills, and more. USSD codes provide a convenient way to access financial services without needing data or internet service.

Jaiz Bank Transfer Codes

To initiate transfers at Jaiz Bank, customers need to provide the correct transfer codes for the type of transfer they want to make. Here are the key Jaiz Bank transfer codes:

Jaiz to Jaiz Account Transfer: This code is used when transferring money from one Jaiz Bank account to another. The transfer code is 04361.

Interbank Transfers: This code enables transfers from a Jaiz Bank account to an account with another bank. The code is 04362.

RTGS Transfers: This is used for Real Time Gross Settlement transfers to any bank account in Nigeria. The code is: 04363.

Intra-Bank Transfer: This code facilitates transfers to accounts within the same Jaiz Bank branch. The code is: 04364.

Jaiz to Other Bank Account Transfer: Enables transfers from Jaiz Bank accounts to other bank accounts locally. The code is: 04365.

When initiating any transfer, customers should indicate the correct transfer code, recipient’s account details, transfer narration/purpose and the amount to be transferred. Following any additional prompts will enable the transfer to be completed smoothly.

Jaiz Bank USSD Codes

Jaiz Bank has designated various USSD codes that customers can dial to access different banking services and account information. The key Jaiz Bank USSD codes include:

*389*301#: This is the code for checking account balance. After dialing, customers should follow the prompt and input their account number to retrieve the balance.

*389*302#: This code is used for transferring money from a Jaiz account to another account. Customers should follow prompts to input beneficiary details, amount, and PIN.

*389*303#: This is the code for the Jaiz Bank airtime purchase. Customers can recharge their mobile airtime by entering the amount and PIN after dialing.

*389*304#: This code enables Jaiz Bank customers to pay bills like DSTV, PHCN, school fees, and more using their phones.

*389*305#: This is the Jaiz Bank code for opening a new account. Dialing the code will take customers through the account opening prompts.

*389*306#: This code provides access to Jaiz Bank customer service to make inquiries and get assistance.

By properly utilizing the correct transfer codes and USSD codes, Jaiz Bank customers can enjoy seamless banking and readily access various services through their mobile phones. The codes enhance convenience and ensure banking at Jaiz adheres to Sharia principles.

How to transfer money from Jaiz Bank to other banks with the Jaiz Bank Transfer Code

Here are the steps to transfer money from your Jaiz Bank account to other banks using the Jaiz interbank transfer code:

1. Dial *389*302# to initiate the Jaiz Bank funds transfer service.

2. Select “Interbank Transfer” by inputting the code 04362.

3. Enter the account number you want to transfer money to from the other bank. Ensure this is entered correctly.

4. Input the amount you want to transfer. Confirm this is the correct amount.

5. Enter a description or narration for the transfer when prompted.

6. Input your Jaiz Bank account PIN to authorize the transfer.

7. Review the summary of the transfer details and confirm all is correct.

8. Finally, input 1 to confirm and complete the interbank transfer to the external bank account.

Once you complete the steps, the money will be immediately deducted from your Jaiz account and reflected in the recipient’s account with the other bank. Kindly note transaction charges apply for interbank transfers on Jaiz.

The Jaiz interbank transfer code 04362 enables you to seamlessly move money from your Jaiz Bank account to any other commercial bank locally. Following the prompts correctly ensures your transfer goes through smoothly.

List Of All Jaiz Bank Transaction Codes

Here is a summary of all the key Jaiz Bank transaction codes:

Account Balance Check Code:

Funds Transfer Codes:
Jaiz to Jaiz Transfer: 04361
Interbank Transfer: 04362
RTGS Transfer: 04363
Intra-Bank Transfer: 04364
Jaiz to Other Bank Transfer: 04365

Airtime Purchase Code:

Bill Payment Code:

Account Opening Code:

Customer Service Code:

SMS Notification Activation:

PIN Change Code:

Account Lock Code:

Lock Reset Code:

JaizCash Code:

JaizKids Code:

JaizIslamic Code:

JAIZ Term Deposit Code:

JAIZ Foreign Currency Code:

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I transfer money from my Jaiz Bank account to another bank?

To make an interbank transfer from Jaiz Bank, use the transfer code 04362 and input beneficiary details when prompted.

What is the transfer code for sending money to another Jaiz Bank account?

To move money between Jaiz Bank accounts, use the Jaiz to Jaiz transfer code 04361.

How do I buy airtime from Jaiz Bank using my mobile phone?

Dial *389*303# to access the Jaiz Bank airtime recharge service and follow instructions to load airtime.

What is the quickest way to move money within Jaiz Bank branches?

Use the Intra-Bank transfer code 04364 for the fastest transfers to accounts in the same Jaiz Bank branch.

Can I use Jaiz Bank USSD codes on any type of mobile phone?

Yes, Jaiz Bank USSD codes work on any basic feature phone, you don’t need internet or smartphones.

How can I get assistance from Jaiz Bank customer service via USSD?

Dial *389*306# to reach the Jaiz Bank customer service center and get help.

Is there a code to open a Jaiz Bank account via USSD?

Yes, a new account opening is possible by dialing *389*305# and completing the application prompts.

What’s the charge for using Jaiz Bank USSD codes?

Jaiz Bank does not charge for using its USSD codes to access banking services.

Can I use Jaiz Bank codes for international money transfers?

No, Jaiz Bank transfer and USSD codes only work for local transfers and transactions within Nigeria.


Jaiz Bank offers unique Islamic banking services to Nigerians. Understanding the right transfer codes to initiate funds transfer and USSD codes to access mobile banking services is key. This guide has highlighted the major Jaiz Bank transfer and USSD codes that customers should know.

With the right codes, customers can transfer funds, check balances, recharge airtime, open accounts, and reach customer service conveniently. Jaiz Bank’s codes make enjoying hitch-free Sharia-compliant banking possible.

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