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Transfer Code For Polaris Bank And Polaris Bank Ussd Code

Polaris Bank is one of the top commercial banks in Nigeria that offers easy and convenient banking services. The bank has several options for customers to transfer money and check account balances using transfer codes and USSD codes. In this guide, we will provide a breakdown of the various Polaris bank transfer codes and USSD codes that customers can utilize for seamless transactions.

Transferring money and making financial transactions from your mobile phone is now easier than ever, thanks to Polaris Bank’s convenient USSD codes and transfer codes.

Have you ever wanted to quickly send money to a friend, pay a bill, or check your account balance but didn’t have access to the internet or want to go to the bank? Polaris Bank has made this possible right from your mobile phone using a technology called USSD codes.

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data and is a protocol that allows communication between a mobile phone and applications in the network provider. USSD codes are short number combinations like *833# that can be dialed directly on your phone keypad to access banking services.

In this post, we will explore the different USSD codes and transfer codes offered by Polaris Bank that customers can use for quick transactions on the go.

Get ready to start enjoying quick, secure, and cashless transactions using only your Polaris Bank USSD and transfer codes. Let’s get started!

What is Polaris Bank Transfer Code?

Polaris Bank transfer codes allow customers to conveniently transfer money from their Polaris Bank accounts directly to other accounts and phone numbers. The main transfer codes are *770*Account Number*Amount# to transfer money to another Polaris account, *770*Account Number*Amount*Bank Code# to transfer to an account in another bank, *770*Quick Code*Amount# to pay a saved beneficiary, and *770*Phone Number*Amount# to transfer money to any phone number linked to a bank account in Nigeria.

To use the transfer service, customers first need to register by dialing *770# and selecting option 1 to provide their BVN and set a transfer PIN. The Polaris Bank transfer codes offer a fast, secure, and affordable way to transfer money and make payments without requiring internet or visiting the bank. The transfers are instant and can be done directly from your mobile phone.

Polaris Bank Transfer Codes

Polaris Bank offers transfer codes that allow customers to conveniently transfer money to other Polaris Bank accounts as well as other bank accounts. Here are the transfer codes:

*770*Account Number*Amount# – This is the code for transferring money from your Polaris account to another Polaris Bank account. Simply replace “Account Number” with the account you want to transfer to and “Amount” with how much you want to transfer.

*770*Account Number*Amount*Bank Code# – This transfer code allows you to transfer money from your Polaris Bank account to other bank accounts. Input the account number you want to transfer to, the amount, and the bank code of the recipient bank.

*770*Quick Code*Amount# – The quick code allows you to transfer money to pre-registered beneficiary accounts. Just input the quick code of the saved beneficiary and the amount to transfer.

*770*Phone Number*Amount# – With this code, you can transfer money to any phone number linked to a Nigerian bank account. Input the phone number and amount to send.

Polaris Bank USSD Codes

USSD codes provide quick access to view your account balance and details via mobile phone. Polaris Bank has the following USSD codes:

*833*0# – This code provides the account balance on your Polaris Bank account.

*833*1*Account Number# – Check any Polaris Bank account balance by inputting the account number.

*833*2# – Get your 5 most recent transactions on your Polaris account.

*833*6*Last 4 digits of card# – Confirm if your ATM card is active or inactive.

*833*7*Card PIN*New PIN# – Change your ATM card PIN.

*833*8# – Block your ATM card if stolen or missing.

Benefits of Polaris Bank Codes

The USSD codes and transfer codes offer the following benefits:

Convenience – Transactions can be done directly on your mobile phone without the internet.

Security – No need to carry your ATM card around. USSD codes provide security.

Speed – Transactions are processed instantly.

Accessibility – Codes work nationwide as long as there is a mobile network.

Affordability – No extra charges for using the codes, only the cost of sending SMS.

How to Register Polaris Bank Transfer Code

To start using the Polaris Bank transfer service, you first need to register with the following steps:

Step 1. Dial *770# on your registered phone number to access the Polaris Bank transfer menu

Step 2. Select option 1 to register for the transfer service

Step 3. Enter your BVN number when prompted

Step 4. Create a 4-digit transfer PIN when prompted

Step 5. You will receive an SMS notification confirming successful registration

Once registered, you can start transferring money and paying beneficiaries using the appropriate codes.

How To Transfer Money From Polaris Bank

Polaris Bank offers several transfer options:

To Polaris Bank accounts: Dial *770*Account Number*Amount#

To other banks: Dial *770*Account Number*Amount*Bank Code#

To save beneficiary: Dial *770*Quick Code*Amount#

To phone number: Dial *770*Phone Number*Amount#

Follow the prompts and input the required information to complete the transfer.

Polaris Bank Code For Airtime

To purchase airtime on any mobile network with Polaris Bank, dial *770*Mobile Number*Amount#

Replace Mobile Number with the phone number you want to buy airtime for and the Amount with the airtime amount (e.g. 100 for 100 naira airtime).

Summary of all Polaris Bank code

*770# – Register for transfer service

*770*AcctNo*Amt# – Transfer to Polaris account

*770*AcctNo*Amt*BankCode# – Transfer to other banks

*770*QuickCode*Amt# – Pay saved beneficiary

*770*PhoneNo*Amt# – Transfer to phone number

*770*PhoneNo*AirtimeAmt# – Buy airtime

Frequently asked questions About Polaris Bank Transfer Code

How do I register for Polaris Bank transfer service?

To register, dial *770# on your registered Polaris Bank phone number, select option 1 to register, enter your BVN number, create a 4-digit transfer PIN and you will receive a confirmation SMS.

What is the transfer code to send money to another Polaris account?

To transfer money to another Polaris account, dial *770*Account Number*Amount#

What is the transfer code to send money to other banks?

To transfer money to other banks, dial *770*Account Number*Amount*Bank Code#

How can I transfer money to a saved beneficiary?

To pay a saved beneficiary, dial *770*Quick Code*Amount# using the beneficiary’s quick code.

How do I transfer money to a phone number?

To transfer money to a phone number, dial *770*Phone Number*Amount#

What is the code to buy airtime on Polaris Bank?

To buy airtime, dial *770*Mobile Number*Amount# and replace mobile number with the recipient’s phone number.

How can I check my Polaris Bank account balance?

To check your Polaris account balance, dial *833#

What is the code to check account balance of another Polaris account?

To check another Polaris account, dial *833*1*Account Number#

How can I check my last 5 transactions?

To check your last 5 transactions, dial *833*2#

What is the code to change my ATM card PIN?

To change your ATM card PIN, dial *833*7*Old PIN*New PIN#


Polaris Bank transfer codes and USSD codes provide customers with fast, secure, and affordable transactions via mobile phone. With the codes, customers can transfer funds, check balances, and account activity on the go. Follow the guide above to use the various codes seamlessly. Contact Polaris Bank for any issues with the codes.

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