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Eco Bank Transfer Code And Eco Bank Ussd Code

Eco Bank is one of the leading banks in Nigeria with a large customer base across the country. The bank offers various services including savings accounts, current accounts, fixed deposits, loans, and more. Eco Bank also has user-friendly digital banking platforms that allow customers to carry out transactions conveniently on their mobile phones or computers. Two important features of Eco Bank’s digital banking are the transfer code and USSD code.

The transfer code allows Eco Bank customers to easily transfer money to other Eco Bank accounts or even other banks. To initiate a transfer on the Eco Bank mobile app or Internet banking, you need to enter the recipient’s account number, name, amount to transfer, and the transfer code. The default transfer code is the customer’s date of birth in the DDMMYYYY format. However, for security reasons, customers are advised to change the default code to a unique 6-digit number known only to them.

How To Change Eco Bank Transfer Code

To change the transfer code:

1. Log in to your Eco Bank internet banking or mobile app

2. Click on ‘Transfer Code’ under Services

3. Enter your current default transfer code

4. Enter your new 6-digit transfer code twice and click Submit.

Once the transfer code is set, you can then use it to authenticate all your money transfers on Eco Bank digital platforms. The transfer code prevents unauthorized transactions on your account.

On the other hand, the Eco Bank USSD code *326# allows you to access the bank’s services on your mobile phone using the USSD protocol. No internet connection is needed. To use the USSD code, simply dial *326# and follow the prompts. You can check your account balance, buy airtime, transfer money, and do lots more.

Here are some of the options on the Eco Bank USSD menu:

1. My Account Balance – Option 1

2. Airtime Purchase – Option 2

3. Transfer Money – Option 3

4. Pay Bills – Option 4

5. Mini statement – Option 5

6. Cheque services – Option 6

7. Loan services – Option 7

To check your account balance, dial *326# and select option 1. You will be prompted to enter your account number, transfer code, and account type to view your real-time account balance.

To buy airtime, select option 2 and follow the prompts to enter the recipient’s phone number, network, and amount of airtime to purchase. The airtime will be instantly credited to the number.

You can also transfer money to a registered Eco Bank beneficiary by selecting option 3. Enter the account number, transfer code and amount then confirm to complete the transfer. You will be notified of the success or failure of the transaction via SMS.

The Eco Bank transfer code and USSD shortcode *326# make it very easy for customers to transact seamlessly on their mobile devices without an internet connection or visiting the bank branch. Customers are advised to keep their transfer codes safe and confidential to prevent unauthorized access to their bank accounts. Also, explore the Eco Bank mobile app and Internet banking for more convenient digital banking services.

List Of All Ecobank USSD Codes

Here is a list of key USSD codes and other shortcodes for Ecobank Nigeria:

• *326# – Ecobank Mobile Banking USSD code

• *326*1# – Check account balance

• *326*2# – Buy airtime

• *326*3# – Transfer money

• *326*4# – Pay bills

• *326*5# – Mini statement

• *326*6# – Chequebook request

• *326*7# – Loan services

• *326*0# – Open Ecobank Xpress account

• *326*00# – Stop Ecobank Xpress SMS alerts

• 0703000000 – Call line to check account balance

• *326*39*UserId# – Create mobile banking password

• 73211 – Ecobank Nigeria customer care number

• *826*PhoneNumberOfBeneficiary*Amount# – Send money to phone number

• *925# – Ecobank Masterpass QR payments

• *326*551*16-digit card number# – Block your ATM card

• *326*552*16-digit card number# – Unblock your ATM card

The main USSD code for Ecobank Nigeria is *326# which gives access to their mobile banking menu. Customers can dial it directly without data to perform transactions and account inquiries. The transfer and transaction authorization code will also be required for certain actions.

Registering Beneficiaries on the Eco Bank Mobile App

To be able to quickly transfer money to someone on the Eco Bank mobile app, you first need to add them to your beneficiaries list. Here are the steps to add a beneficiary:

1. Login to the Eco Bank mobile app

2. Click on ‘Beneficiary Management’

3. Click on ‘Add Beneficiary’

4. Enter the beneficiary’s account number, name, bank name and branch

5. Click ‘Add’ to save the beneficiary

Once saved, you can easily select the beneficiary anytime you want to transfer money to them instead of entering their details every time.

Checking Account Balance via Call Dial

Eco Bank offers a call service that allows you to check your account balance without any charge. To use this service:

1. Simply dial 0703000000 from your registered mobile number

2. End the call immediately after 2 rings

3. You will receive an SMS instantly showing your account balances for all your Eco Bank accounts.

This is very useful when you have no money on your phone to make normal calls or browse the internet.

Activating Mobile and Internet Banking

To enjoy the full benefits of Eco Bank’s digital banking services, you need to activate mobile and internet banking. Here is a quick guide:

1. Visit your home branch and fill out a mobile banking activation form

2. Provide your account details, phone number, preferred login username

3. You will get an OTP to confirm and activate your mobile banking

4. For Internet banking, register online and create your preferred username and password

5. Use these to log in and transact seamlessly on both platforms

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the default transfer code for new Eco Bank customers?

The default transfer code is your date of birth in DDMMYYYY format. However, you are advised to change this to a unique 6-digit number known only to you.

How do I change my Eco Bank transfer code?

Log in to mobile banking or internet banking, go to the ‘Transfer Code’ menu, enter the current code, and then enter your new 6-digit transfer code twice to effect the change.

Is the transfer code the same as my ATM PIN?

No, the transfer code is different from your ATM PIN for withdrawals. Keep both codes safe and do not disclose them to anyone.

Can I do Eco Bank transactions without the internet?

Yes, just dial *326# to access the Eco Bank USSD banking menu and follow the prompt to check your balance, transfer money, buy airtime, etc. without the internet.

What are the charges for Eco Bank USSD transactions?

Eco Bank does not charge for USSD transactions. However, your mobile network provider may charge small fees depending on your data plan.

Can I transfer money to other banks via the USSD code?

Money transfers are currently only allowed to registered Eco Bank beneficiaries. You cannot transfer to other banks via USSD.

How do I register beneficiaries on the Eco Bank mobile app?

To register a beneficiary, login to the mobile app, go to the ‘Beneficiary Management’ menu, click ‘Add Beneficiary’ enter their bank details, and save.

How do I activate my mobile and internet banking on Eco Bank?

Visit any Eco Bank branch to fill out the activation forms, provide your details, and get OTP to activate mobile banking. For internet banking, register directly online with your preferred username and password.


Eco Bank offers customers a wide array of digital banking services for convenient and stress-free transactions. Be sure to keep your transfer code safe, register beneficiaries, and activate mobile/internet banking to enjoy the best services. For any issues, visit your nearest branch or call the customer care line.

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