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How to Delete, Close or Deactivate My Palmpay Account without stress

Over the past few years, Palmpay has become one of the most popular online payment platforms and digital wallets. Millions rely on Palmpay for transferring money, online shopping, using various apps and services, and managing finances.

However, there may come a time when you no longer wish to use Palmpay’s services. Perhaps you want to switch to another payment platform, consolidate your finances with a different bank, or simply feel Palmpay no longer meets your needs. Whatever the reason, closing your Palmpay account is simple – but there are some key things to understand before taking that step.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover:

– Important factors to consider before closing your account
– Step by step process of closing your account from start to finish
– Ensuring you withdraw or transfer any remaining account balance
– Understanding implications regarding linked apps, services, and payment information
– Alternatives like temporarily deactivating your account

By the end of this post, you’ll understand the ins and outs of closing your Palmpay account easily and stress-free. Let’s get started.

Important Factors To Consider Before Closing Your Account

Consider Your Palmpay Payment History and Services First

Before closing your account outright, take the time to review your Palmpay services and payment history first:

• Do you have any pending/scheduled payments or money transfers? If so, these should be handled before closure.

• What other apps, services, memberships or subscriptions are linked to your Palmpay as the payment method? You’ll need to update these or transfer balances beforehand.

• Check your transaction history for records you may need later for taxes, accounting, or personal finance tracking. Be sure to download transaction records.

Thinking through usage of your Palmpay will ensure important payments, transaction history or account linkages are not lost by closing the account right away.

Additionally, consider alternatives like temporarily deactivating your account if you may want to use Palmpay again in the future. Deactivated accounts can easily be reactivated if needed.

Step By Step Instructions On Closing your Palmpay Account

Now let’s walk through permanently closing your account step-by-step:

Step 1: Withdraw or Transfer Any Remaining Balance

Before closing, you’ll want to withdraw or transfer out any funds remaining in your Palmpay balance:

Review your current balance by opening your Palmpay app and selecting the “Balance” tab.

You can withdraw funds to a linked bank account or debit card for free. Navigate to “Move Money”, “Withdraw Funds” and enter the amount and destination.

Alternatively you can instantaneously transfer the balance to another Palmpay account if preferred.

Withdrawing or transferring your available balance ensures you retrieve all remaining funds before closure. If your balance shows as $0, you can proceed directly to closing the account.

Step 2: Unlink Connected Apps, Services or Payment Methods

Next, navigate to the “Settings” tab and select “Connected Apps & Services” to view everything currently linked to your Palmpay account.

Here are the steps to unlink any apps or services:

1. Tap the app or service you want to remove.
2. Tap “Unlink from Palmpay”
3. Tap “Yes” to confirm.
4. Repeat for any other connected apps.

Additionally, under settings you’ll want to remove any saved payment information like debit/credit cards or linked bank accounts.

By unlinking integrations and removing payment methods, you ensure no future charges or withdrawals occur through the closed account.

Step 3: Request Account Closure

Once the above steps are completed, you’re ready to permanently close your account:

1. In the Palmpay app menu, tap “Profile”.
2. Scroll down and tap “Close Account”.
3. Follow the prompts to select a reason for closure.
4. Carefully read the information about account closure and tap “Continue”
5. Enter your Palmpay password when prompted to confirm your identity.

After submitting the request, your account will be closed immediately.

However, keep in mind your transaction history may still be viewable in your account for up to 60 days before being removed.

And That’s It. With these steps completed, you’ve successfully closed your Palmpay account with no hassle or stress.

What To Do If You Change Your Mind After Closure

If after closing your account you change your mind, don’t worry. You can simply open a brand new Palmpay account using your current email address or mobile number in just a couple minutes.

Your transaction history and linked information will not carry over to the new account however. You’ll be starting fresh with a new account.

Before creating another account, first ensure any pending withdrawals, transfers or payments from the closed account have fully completed over the next few days.

Alternatively, if you think you may want to use Palmpay again sporadically, deactivating your account is an easy option explored below.

When To Deactivate Your Account vs Complete Closure

Instead of permanently closing your Palmpay account, an alternative option is temporarily deactivating your account if you think you may use Palmpay again one day.

Here’s an overview of how deactivation differs from full closure:

Deactivating Your Palmpay Account:

• Can easily reactivate account in the future if desired

• No need to withdraw account balance first

• Transaction history, digital cards, and bank linkages remain intact

• Payments or money transfers on hold until the account is reactivated

Closing Your Palmpay Account:

• Permanent account termination
• Transaction history eventually deleted
• Cannot reopen closed account in the future
• Unlink all connected apps, cards and payment methods
• Any account balance needs to be withdrawn before closure

As you can see, deactivation makes more sense if you want the flexibility to restore your account seamlessly later on.

Here is the process to deactivate your account:

1. Open your Palmpay app and tap on “Profile”
2. Tap “Manage Account” followed by selecting “Temporarily Deactivate Account”
3. Choose a reason for deactivating the account
4. Carefully read the details about deactivation and confirm you want to proceed
5. Enter your password to verify your identity and submit the request

Once deactivated, you can repeat the same process above and select “Reactivate Account” if you choose to use Palmpay again down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I close my Palmpay account?

You may want to close your Palmpay account if you no longer wish to use their services, want to consolidate finances into another bank account, are switching to a different digital wallet provider, or have privacy concerns.

What happens to my money if I close my account?

Before closing, withdraw any funds remaining in your Palmpay balance into your linked bank account or debit card. Your balance should read $0 prior to account closure.

Can I delete my Palmpay account?

Yes, Palmpay allows you to permanently delete your account. It is more difficult to recover a deleted account versus deactivating.

Does closing my Palmpay account delete it?

Yes, the steps to close an account will permanently delete it from Palmpay’s systems. You cannot reopen a closed account.

What happens to my Palmpay history if I close my account?

Your Palmpay transaction history remains viewable for up to 60 days after closure. It is then removed from Palmpay’s systems. Be sure to export transaction records.

I closed my Palmpay account – can I get it back?

No, once your Palmpay account is closed it cannot be retrieved. However, you can easily open a brand new account using your same contact information.


We hope this guide gave you clarity on how to permanently close or temporarily deactivate your Palmpay account properly and without hassles.

Remember to transfer any balance, unlink integrated apps and payment methods, and withdraw funds ahead of account closure to tie up loose ends.

And if you end up needing Palmpay again shortly after, reactivating or starting a brand new account is quick and painless.

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