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Best Apps To Convert Airtime To Cash in Nigeria – How To Convert Airtime To Cash in Nigeria

In Nigeria, mobile phone airtime has become a form of currency that can be exchanged for cash. With mobile penetration surpassing 90% in recent years, most Nigerians now have access to mobile phones and airtime. This has led to the rise of many innovative services that allow you to convert your unused airtime to instant cash.

But which apps really offer the best rates and user experience for airtime to cash conversion? In this guide, we explore the top apps Nigerians are using today to convert airtime to cash instantly. Read on to find the perfect pick for your needs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Airtime to Cash App

When selecting an airtime to cash app in Nigeria, there are several important factors to consider:

Exchange Rates – This is the percentage or naira amount you receive for the airtime you convert. The best apps offer competitive rates comparable to peer apps.

Fee Structure – Some apps charge a flat fee per transaction or percentage fee, while others offer free conversion. Always review fee structures.

Minimum/Maximum Load – Apps have set limits for minimum/maximum airtime you can exchange per transaction. Make sure an app can accommodate what you want to trade.

Payment Options – Apps may pay out via bank transfer, cash pickup, airtime top-up or gift cards. Choose an option suitable for you.

Speed & Reliability – The app should complete conversions fast and pay out reliably. Read user reviews to gauge these.

Customer Service – Having solid customer support provides help when you need it. Check reviews on each app’s customer service.

User-Friendliness – The app should have an intuitive interface that’s easy to navigate and use.

Considering these key factors will help you identify the top apps that offer reliable airtime to cash conversion with minimal hassle.

List of The Top 5 Airtime to Cash Apps in Nigeria

1. KwikCash

KwikCash is one of the most popular options for converting airtime to cash instantly in Nigeria. The app has an intuitive interface that makes converting airtime hassle-free.

Key features:

• Competitive conversion rate of up to 92% value of airtime
• Low flat fee of just N50 per transaction
• Instant bank transfer payout to any Nigerian bank within minutes
• Accepts airtime from all major networks
• Also supports data, SMS and cable TV subscriptions top-up
• Excellent user reviews for speed and reliability

KwikCash has one of the best conversion rates, with minimal fees. Payouts are super fast to any bank, making it highly convenient. The app regularly runs promotions with discounted fees that give you even better value. With a consistently smooth experience, it’s easy to see why KwikCash is many people’s top pick.

2. TopUp Mama

TopUp Mama presents another excellent choice to convert airtime to instant cash. Despite being relatively new, it has gained popularity for its stellar exchange rates and reliability.

Key features:

• No transaction fees or hidden charges
• Up to 95% airtime conversion rate, among the highest in Nigeria
• Pays out via bank transfer or airtime top-up
• Accepts all major mobile network airtime
• Also converts data & SMS to cash
• Dedicated live chat customer support

While TopUp Mama has a slightly lower 95% rate compared to KwikCash, it has no fees at all. So you get nearly the full value of your airtime. The service is super fast and you can easily switch payout to airtime if preferred. With responsive customer service, TopUp Mama is a top choice for getting value.

3. VCPay

From leading fintech company Interswitch, VCPay is another trusted choice for airtime conversion. It offers seamless cash out service with good value.

Key features:

• No transaction fees
• 90% airtime conversion rate
• Transfers cash instantly to bank account
• Accepts airtime from all networks
• Also supports data and SMS to cash
• Sleek mobile app and web platform

A notable highlight of VCPay is its integrated service that also provides bill payments, funds transfer and savings. By creating an account, you get access to a wider suite of financial services. Airtime conversion is straightforward with minimal steps required. The 90% rate may be lower than some apps, but zero fees help maximize value.

4. Airpay Nigeria

Airpay Nigeria is a longstanding service that allows you to exchange airtime for cash 24/7. It has competitive rates and a relatively basic interface.

Key features:

• No transaction fees
• Up to 92% airtime conversion rate
• Instant bank transfer payout
• Accepts major mobile carrier airtime
• Simple user interface
• Prompt email support

As one of the earliest airtime trading platforms in Nigeria, Airpay has built trust over time for reliable service. The 92% exchange rate matches the top apps. While the interface is a bit dated, conversions are smooth. Hands-on email support provides assistance when needed.

5. Jumia Jumashare

Leveraging the Jumia brand, Jumashare from leading ecommerce firm Jumia provides airtime to cash conversion along with several other services.

Key features:

• No fee for airtime to bank transfer
• Up to 90% conversion rate
• Transfer to Nigerian bank account
• Accepts all network airtime
• Can also share airtime & data units
• Integrated with wider Jumia account

Jumashare allows you to either convert airtime to cash or share airtime/data units to friends & family. As part of Jumia’s ecosystem, your account is integrated across its platforms including JumiaPay wallets. The 90% airtime conversion rate is decent and transferring to your bank is free.

Step-by-Step Guide on Converting Airtime to Cash Using KwikCash

Based on reviews, KwikCash stands out as one of the top options for conveniently converting your airtime to instant cash. Here is a simple step-by-step guide to using KwikCash:

1. Download the KwikCash app from Google PlayStore or Apple App Store on your mobile phone.

2. Create a new account and register your details including bank account number.

3. Fund your KwikCash wallet by transferring money from your bank or making a direct deposit. You need funds in the wallet to request airtime conversion payouts.

4. Click on the Airtime to Cash feature and input the network, airtime amount and phone number you want to convert.

5. Confirm details and click Convert. The equivalent cash based on the conversion rate will be displayed.

6. Received airtime will reflect in your KwikCash wallet balance. You can accumulate airtime from multiple conversions before making a payout request.

7. To cash out, click Withdraw and enter the amount you want to transfer from your KwikCash wallet to your bank.

8. A flat fee of N50 is deducted and the bank transfer is processed instantly.

9. Confirm the transfer by checking your bank account. The cash will reflect within minutes, allowing you to access it immediately.

10. You can repeat the process multiple times. KwikCash lets you convert airtime to cash quickly and easily so none of your airtime goes to waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which networks’ airtime can I convert to cash?

You can convert airtime from major Nigerian mobile networks including MTN, Airtel, 9mobile and Glo. Most cash conversion apps accept airtime from all these networks.

How much airtime is required for conversion?

Most apps have a small minimum airtime requirement for conversion, typically 100 – 200 naira. You can convert any amount above the minimum set by each app.

Is there any limit on the maximum airtime I can convert at once?

Yes, apps do set maximum conversion limits per transaction, usually around 5,000 – 10,000 naira. This helps manage risks. You can do multiple transactions to convert higher amounts.

What percentage value do I get when converting airtime to cash?

The conversion rate offered by different apps ranges from 90% to as high as 95% of your airtime value. So for 100 naira airtime, you may receive 90-95 naira as cash.

Are there fees for converting airtime to cash?

Some apps charge small transaction fees, while others offer free conversion. Typically, fees range from 50 naira to 2% of airtime value.

How long does it take to receive the money after converting airtime?

Most apps transfer converted cash instantly to your bank account within minutes. You should receive the money in your account within 5-15 minutes in most cases.

Do I need an internet connection to convert airtime?

Yes, you need an active internet connection on your phone to use the app and complete the airtime conversion process.


Converting unused airtime to cash is a convenient way to unlock value from your phone credit, rather than losing it when balances expire. Apps like KwikCash provide a seamless way to exchange airtime for instant bank transfers with excellent rates.

When choosing an airtime trading app in Nigeria, factors like fees, conversion rates, payment options and customer service should guide your pick. Evaluating the top apps, KwikCash stands out for its combination of minimal fees, high 95% conversion rates, fast bank payout and smooth user experience.

By using these innovative airtime to cash services, you can liquidate airtime you receive through promotions, gifting or wrong recharges. The cash can then be used for other needs. For frequent traders, it can even provide an avenue for making profit through arbitrage.

With mobile penetration continuing to increase in Nigeria, converting airtime to cash is likely to remain popular. However, make sure to choose a reliable app like KwikCash to enjoy the benefits without hassles. The ability to quickly turn unused airtime into instant cash is a game changer.

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