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How To Become Moniepoint Aggregator And Moniepoint Agent

Are you ready to embark on a journey that could transform your life and empower your community? If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a key player in the world of digital financial services and expanding your income streams, you’re in the right place.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of becoming a Moniepoint aggregator and agent, unlocking the potential to earn commissions, provide essential financial services, and make a positive impact on your financial well-being.

What is MoniePoint?

Moniepoint is a game-changing player in the rapidly evolving world of financial technology and digital payment solutions in Nigeria. Founded with a vision to bring convenient and accessible financial services to the masses, Moniepoint has emerged as a leading agent banking platform in the country.

This innovative platform operates at the intersection of traditional banking and cutting-edge technology, allowing individuals and businesses to perform a wide range of financial transactions easily and securely.

Moniepoint empowers entrepreneurs and individuals to become agents, facilitating digital financial services in their communities. These services include cash withdrawals, deposits, funds transfers, bill payments, airtime purchases, and much more.

With a vast network of agents across Nigeria, Moniepoint has been instrumental in bridging the financial inclusion gap, ensuring that even those in remote areas have access to vital financial services.

Who is a MoniePoint Aggregator?

A Moniepoint aggregator is a link in the chain of the Moniepoint agent banking network. In essence, an aggregator is an intermediary entity or organization that collaborates with Moniepoint to onboard and manage a group of agents under its umbrella.

These aggregators play a vital role in expanding the reach of Moniepoint’s services by recruiting and supervising agents across various regions and communities in Nigeria. Aggregators act as facilitators and support systems for individual agents, providing them with the necessary training, tools, and resources to effectively offer Moniepoint’s suite of financial services to their customers.

They often serve as a bridge between the agents and Moniepoint, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, assisting with troubleshooting, and enabling a seamless flow of transactions. Aggregators can be small businesses, entrepreneurs, or organizations with the expertise and infrastructure to manage a network of agents efficiently.

Who is a MoniePoint Agent?

A Moniepoint agent is an individual or business entity that plays a vital role in bringing essential financial services to communities across Nigeria. These agents act as the front line of Moniepoint’s agent banking network, serving as points of contact for customers seeking various financial transactions. To become a Moniepoint agent, one typically undergoes a straightforward onboarding process, which includes training and registration.

Once onboard, a Moniepoint agent gains the ability to offer an array of financial services to their customers, including cash withdrawals, deposits, funds transfers, bill payments, airtime purchases, and more. They essentially serve as the local hubs for digital financial transactions, making them convenient and accessible for individuals who may not have easy access to traditional banking services.

Moniepoint agents not only earn commissions for the transactions they facilitate but also contribute significantly to the financial inclusion efforts in Nigeria, helping bridge the gap between underserved communities and modern financial solutions. In doing so, they become key drivers of economic empowerment and financial accessibility in their regions.

How to Become a MoniePoint Aggregator

Becoming a Moniepoint aggregator involves a series of steps and requirements. Below is a guide on how to become a Moniepoint aggregator:

Meet the Eligibility Criteria: Ensure you meet Moniepoint’s eligibility requirements, which may include having a registered business entity, a physical location for your operations, and the necessary financial capacity to support agent onboarding and operations.

Contact Moniepoint: Reach out to Moniepoint through their official website or contact details to express your interest in becoming an aggregator. They will provide you with the necessary information and requirements.

Submit an Application: Complete the aggregator application form provided by Moniepoint. This form typically includes details about your business, your intended geographic area of operation, and your plans for recruiting and managing agents.

Compliance and Documentation: Ensure that your business complies with all regulatory requirements and submit the required documentation to Moniepoint. This may include business registration certificates, proof of address, and other relevant documents.

Training: Once your application is approved, you will likely be required to undergo training provided by Moniepoint. This training will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to manage and support agents effectively.

Agent Onboarding: Start recruiting and onboarding individual agents under your aggregator umbrella. You will be responsible for their training, supervision, and support.

Launch and Operate: Prepare the necessary infrastructure, such as POS terminals or mobile devices, to facilitate agent transactions. Begin operations as a Moniepoint aggregator, ensuring that your network of agents delivers reliable and efficient financial services to customers.

How to Become a MoniePoint Agent

To become a MoniePoint agent, you need to follow these steps:

• Visit the MoniePoint website and sign up for a business account. You will need to provide your personal information, contact details, and business information.

• Once you have created an account, you will need to submit the following documents to your aggregator:
A valid means of identification (international passport, NIN, voter card, or driver’s license)

Utility bill (waste bill, electricity bill, etc.)

CAC documents (for registered businesses only)


• Once your documents have been verified, you will be able to request a POS terminal. The cost of a POS terminal is N21,500, which covers the caution fee, logistics fee, and insurance fee.

• Once you have received your POS terminal, you will need to fund your account. You can do this by transferring money from your bank account or by using a debit card.

• Once your account is funded, you will be able to start accepting payments from your customers. You can also start offering other services, such as cash withdrawals, airtime purchases, and bill payments.

If you follow these steps and tips, you will be well on your way to becoming a successful MoniePoint agent.

Benefits of Being a Moniepoint Aggregator And Agent

Becoming a Moniepoint aggregator or agent comes with several benefits that make it an attractive opportunity for entrepreneurs and individuals alike. Here are some key advantages:

• Earn commissions on all transactions handled by your agents and merchants. This gives you a passive income stream, even when you’re not actively working.

• Get a discounted price on POS terminals, which means you can save money on startup costs and make a higher profit.

• Get access to training and support from MoniePoint to grow your business and provide better services to your customers.

• Become part of a growing network of MoniePoint agents and merchants which gives you access to a large customer base and makes it easier to market your services.

• Earn a commission on every transaction you process which is a very lucrative business, especially if you have a high volume of transactions.

• MoniePoint offers a wide range of services, including cash withdrawals, deposits, transfers, bill payments, and airtime recharge. This makes it a one-stop shop for financial services, which is convenient for customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to become a Moniepoint agent?

The cost of becoming a Moniepoint agent is relatively low, primarily involving the purchase or lease of a Point of Sale (POS) device or mobile application. The exact cost may vary, so inquire with Moniepoint for specific pricing details.

What services can I offer as a Moniepoint agent?

Moniepoint agents can provide a wide range of services, including cash withdrawals, deposits, funds transfers, bill payments, and airtime purchases, making it convenient for customers to handle their financial transactions.

How much can I earn as a Moniepoint agent?

Earnings as a Moniepoint agent depend on the volume and types of transactions you facilitate. Agents typically earn commissions on each transaction, and the more transactions you handle, the more you can potentially earn.

How do I receive training as a Moniepoint agent?

Moniepoint provides training to agents to ensure they are proficient in using the platform and offering services. Training may be conducted online or in person, and it’s an essential part of the onboarding process.

What support does Moniepoint offer to agents?

Moniepoint offers ongoing support to agents, including technical assistance, troubleshooting guidance, and access to customer support. They aim to ensure that agents can provide reliable service to their customers.

Can I become a Moniepoint aggregator as an individual, or do I need a business entity?

You can become a Moniepoint aggregator as an individual or a business entity. Aggregators can be entrepreneurs, small businesses, or organizations with the capacity to manage a network of agents effectively.

How do I scale my aggregator business and recruit agents under my umbrella?

As an aggregator, you can scale your business by identifying potential agents, providing them with training and support, and overseeing their operations. Moniepoint provides guidance and resources to help you build and manage your agent network.

Is Moniepoint regulated, and is it safe to become an agent or aggregator?

Yes, Moniepoint operates within the regulatory framework in Nigeria, and it is considered safe to become an agent or aggregator. However, it’s essential to comply with Moniepoint’s guidelines and regulatory requirements to ensure the safety and security of your operations.


As a Moniepoint agent, you can be the link between your community and essential financial services, earning commissions while providing convenience to your customers. It’s an accessible and low-cost way to increase your income and make a positive impact.

Your dedication, commitment to compliance, and customer-centric approach will be crucial to your success. Remember that the financial landscape is continually evolving, and staying updated with Moniepoint’s guidelines and industry trends is essential.

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