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FCMB Customer Care Whatsapp Number, Phone Number, Email Address and Office Address

First City Monument Bank (FCMB) is one of the leading financial services providers in Nigeria. With millions of customers across the country, FCMB offers a wide range of banking and financial services including retail banking, corporate banking, SME banking, investment banking, and asset management.

In this blog post, we provide details on how to contact FCMB customer care through various channels like phone, email, WhatsApp, and by visiting their office addresses. Whether you are an existing customer needing assistance or a prospective customer interested in their services, this guide will provide all the contact information you need for FCMB.

About First City Monument Bank

Before we dive into the customer care contact details, let’s provide some background on FCMB.

FCMB is a large financial services group headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. It was founded in 1977 as a merchant bank, one of the first of its kind in Africa. In 2000, FCMB converted into a universal bank offering retail banking, corporate banking, and investment banking services. As of today, FCMB has over 200 branches and cash centers spread across Nigeria.

Some key facts about First City Monument Bank:

• Over 5 million customers served nationwide
• Offers financial services across segments – consumer banking, SMEs, corporates, commercial and investment banking.
• Over 2000 ATMs and cash processing centers across Nigeria
• Offers both conventional and Islamic Banking
• Internationally, FCMB has a presence in the UK through FCMB UK Limited subsidiary

This wide network and customer base means you can find FCMB branches and representatives in most parts of Nigeria. They also have a robust customer service program on phone, email, and social media to handle large call and query volumes efficiently.

FCMB Customer Care Phone Numbers

FCMB has provided several dedicated telephone lines that customers can use to reach their customer service and other departments within the bank. Depending on your query or needs, you can contact FCMB customer care using the following phone numbers:

Personal Banking Toll-Free Number: 01-2793180
This is FCMB personal or retail banking customer care helpline. It is a toll-free number that individual customers with savings accounts, current accounts, fixed deposits, and other retail products can call for assistance during banking hours.

Queries handled on this line include:
• Account opening
• Requesting account statements
• Internet/mobile banking registration
• Transaction issues like failed transfers, wrong deductions, etc.
• Information about consumer loan products (home loans, auto loans, etc.)

SME Banking Toll-Free Helpline: 0700 100 000 261

FCMB also offers specialized banking products and solutions for Small/Medium Enterprises (SMEs). This toll-free number is for customer care and support dedicated to SME customers of FCMB.

Queries handle for SME customers include:

• Loan products like SME loans, business loans, tax loans etc.
• Opening current accounts and usage guidance
• Cash management solutions tailored for SMEs and business owners
• Account statements and transaction issues

Corporate Banking Toll-Free Line: 0700 100 000 131

Big companies and institutional customers can reach FCMB corporate banking services through this dedicated helpline. It provides customer support on services like:

• Corporate accounts and Internet banking access
• Working capital financing, trade financing solutions
• Cash management solutions
• Development of structured products

Investment Banking Helpline: +234 1 462 1851

FCMB also has a presence in investment banking, stock broking, and asset management. Customers of FCMB Securities Limited and FCMB Capital Markets can reach out to this telephone number for services like:

• Equities and fixed-income trading
• Portfolio management services
• Online stock trading platform support
• IPO subscriptions and new issue assistance

Registered 6-Digit Number: 2341292100

Apart from the above toll-free lines for specific customer segments, FCMB also has a registered 6-digit number – +2341292100. Customers can use this general helpline for the following needs:

• Reaching out to branches and departments not covered in toll-free lines above

• Complaint escalations if issues remain unresolved over toll-free service

• General customer service and grievance redressal helpline

So this 6-digit direct line works as main customer care contact for miscellaneous queries beyond retail, SME and corporate banking.

FCMB WhatsApp Banking Platform

In addition to phone numbers, FCMB also offers customer support via WhatsApp. They have launched an AI-powered and user-friendly WhatsApp banking platform so customers can make transactions, request information and connect with support staff easily.

To get started, simply save the official FCMB WhatsApp number +234 903 000 9058 to phone contacts and send a “Hi” message. This will open a conversational interface through which you can:

• Check account balance
• Obtain 5-year transaction history
• Buy airtime and data
• Transfer money to registered beneficiaries
• Pay bills like utilities, TV, etc.
– Block, unblock or request new card/PIN
• Forex rates enquiry
• Lodge complaints and get customer service support via chat

The system uses an intelligent chatbot that provides relevant answers to commonly asked questions on banking services. If query cannot be resolved by the chatbot, option to connect with a live agent is provided within the WhatsApp itself. This offers quick and seamless customer support on WhatsApp.

Key highlight of FCMB WhatsApp banking platform is ability to authenticate users within WhatsApp through OTP-based validation before carrying out transactions. This offers a very safe and secure means to provide banking services on a messaging platform. Customers should save the number above and try out the solution.

FCMB Customer Care Email

In addition to live agents over call and WhatsApp, FCMB also offers email based customer service support. If your query or issue is not urgent, you can send an email to FCMB’s customer support team via the following emails ID:

Personal/Retail Banking Queries:
The email ID handles queries and complaints from savings accounts, current accounts and other retail banking customers.

You can email regarding:

• Requests for account statements
• Issues faced in transactions
• Information about features and charges
• Updates on new retail products
• Feedback/complaints on branch experience

Emails typically get responded to within 24 business hours, so this an ideal channel for grievances, documentation submission and general inquiries. Make sure to provide relevant account details, registered mobile number and full name in the email for quick response.

SME Banking Queries:
Small business customers should email their queries, complaints and service requests to FCMB SMEdirect centre through As this is a dedicated email ID for SME customers only, you can expect fast redressal on issues sent to this email.

Some examples of SME banking queries that can go to are:

• Account opening requests for SME accounts like current accounts
• Queries and issues faced on SME loan products
• Seeking documentation and eligibility for specialized products like business loans or POS terminals
• Issues faced with corporate credit cards or online banking access

Corporate Banking Email ID:
Big conglomerates, multinationals and large corporates having FCMB corporate accounts should use the exclusive email ID for service requests and grievance management.

Emails that can be sent to include:

• Documentation submission for opening corporate accounts
• Seeking information or quotes on wholesale banking products like trade financing, structured products etc.
• Issues faced with cash management solutions
• Transaction failures on corporate Internet banking

Using these exclusive email channels helps in faster ticket logging and response from FCMB customer service reps dedicated to that line of business.

FCMB Registered Head Office Address

At times you may need to send physical letters, documents or other correspondence to the bank management’s attention. This is where knowing the bank’s registered office address becomes important. The FCMB head office contact details are:

First City Plaza,
44 Marina, Lagos Island,
Lagos State, Nigeria
Phone: 01 279 3180

So any communication meant for senior executives of FCMB Bank Nigeria must be sent to its corporate headquarter located in Lagos as above. Letters can be addressed to “The Managing Director” or name of specific division head as may be required.

The office remains open from 9 am – 4 pm on weekdays for delivering any written or paper-based communication. Please call up the office before visiting as senior management executives may be unavailable or travelling.


We have covered various customer care contact points like toll-free phone banking numbers, WhatsApp chatbot, email IDs as well as registered office address for First City Monument Bank Nigeria. Both retail customers and corporate clients now have multiple channels through which they can reach out to FCMB for their banking service needs, queries or issues.

SME and Corporates have dedicated emails and helplines while 24×7 support is available via WhatsApp. Hopefully, armed with so many options for helpdesk support, banking with FCMB can prove easier and more convenient. Choose the right channel as per your customer category and query urgency for fastest response.

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