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Is Eyowo Legit? Eyowo Customer Care Phone and Whatsapp Number, Email Address, Office Address

Eyowo is a fintech company that offers financial services through its app and website. It has become quite popular in recent years as an easy and convenient way for people to access loans, make payments, and manage their finances. However, with any financial platform, an important question comes up – is Eyowo legit and can you trust them?

In this blog post, we will take an in-depth look at Eyowo to determine if it is a legitimate and trustworthy platform. We will examine aspects such as its registration and licensing, services offered, security measures, customer support, and user reviews. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the legitimacy of Eyowo.

About Eyowo

Eyowo is a Nigerian financial technology company founded in 2018 that offers digital financial services through mobile apps and web platforms. Its services include:

Digital lending – Users can access quick, short-term loans through the Eyowo app. Loan amounts range from ₦1,500 to ₦500,000.

Investments – Users can invest their money and earn attractive returns on the Eyowo investment platform.

Payment services – The Eyowo app allows users to pay bills, buy airtime, make bank transfers, etc.

Wealth management tools – Users get access to secure vaults, personalized budgets, financial insights, and more.

The company is based in Lagos but offers pan-Nigeria services. According to Eyowo, over 5 million people have used their lending services. They brand themselves as an ethical lender that can meet emergency funding needs conveniently.

Registration and Licensing

An important marker of legitimacy for any financial services company is proper registration and licensing by financial authorities.

Eyowo is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) under the name Primus Tech Hub Limited. Their RC number is 1653972. This registration certifies them as a legitimate Nigerian corporate entity.

Additionally, Eyowo is licensed as a financial institution by the Lagos State Government. They have a consumer credit license that allows them to operate as digital lenders and provide loans legally to borrowers.

So in terms of registration and regulatory licensing, Eyowo checks out. They are a CAC-registered entity and have the required approvals from Lagos State to offer lending services legitimately. This helps establish their credibility.

Services Offered

Let’s take a quick look at some of the main services offered by Eyowo to customers:

Digital Lending

• Borrowers can access Eyowo’s lending platform through their mobile app.
• Loans from ₦1,500 to ₦500,000 available.
• No collateral required.
• Quick loan approval with funds disbursed instantly in many cases.
• Repayment periods of 30 days or more are offered.
• Convenient repayment through the app by debiting bank account or wallet balance.

This lending service is the main offering. Convenience, ease of access, and quick loans are the major value propositions.


• Fixed deposits offer up to 15% returns over 6 to 12-month investment periods.
• Flexible investments don’t lock in capital for set durations but offer dynamic returns.
• Automated savings plans are also available for automatically growing investments over time.

Eyowo seems to offer attractive investment returns to lenders and investors on their platform. This gives an added avenue for wealth creation.


Users can leverage Eyowo as a payment platform via their app/website to conveniently:

• Pay utility bills
• Purchase airtime top-ups
• Transfer money to any Nigerian bank account

This allows managing payments digitally in one place.

The services seem well-designed to meet the emergency and convenience financial needs of everyday Nigerians. The offerings seem structured legally with proper approvals.

Security and Data Privacy

Security and data privacy are major concerns while using fintech platforms, especially ones dealing with money, loans, and investments.

So what measures does Eyowo take in this aspect?

Data Encryption

According to information on their website, Eyowo uses bank-level AES-256 data encryption on all customer information stored on their database. This encrypts data to prevent unauthorized access – establishing a security layer for sensitive user data.

Multi-factor Authentication

2-factor authentication provides an additional layer of login security – users need to validate through an OTP alongside their password when accessing accounts. This prevents password hacks and account takeovers by cybercriminals.

PCI-DSS Compliance

Eyowo claims compliance with PCI-DSS standards when processing online transactions. This Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard helps ensure user card details during payments are secured.

Secure Servers & Connections

The company uses HTTPS and SSL protocols for secure data transmission between users and Eyowo apps/websites. This encrypts the connection pathway.

While it is difficult to fully audit their data security protocols independently, Eyowo does seem to incorporate multiple standard measures used by legitimate fintechs and banks. Available information indicates they take information security and privacy reasonably seriously.

Customer Service Channels

Good customer service is important for customer retention and trust-building. Eyowo offers the following channels for customer assistance and queries:

Email – Customers can write to with their questions or complaints. Email turnaround times aren’t specified.

Social Media – Eyowo’s social profiles like Facebook and Instagram can be messaged. They claim to try resolving issues within 12 hours.

WhatsApp Chat – Instant chatting with Eyowo agents is enabled through their WhatsApp chat line – 07000EYOWO (0700039 696). This seems to be the fastest way of getting assistance.

Telephone – A Lagos-based landline 01-6361000 is available along with a telephone support number – 09019110006. Call times may have charges.

Contact Form – An online contact form allows sending messages directly which go into their helpdesk system. Turnaround times aren’t guaranteed.

So in summary – WhatsApp, social media chatting, and phone conversations offer direct person-to-person assistance. Email/contact form queries depend on complaint ticket creation and response. Overall, multiple customer care avenues are provided.

Assessing Legitimacy

Evaluating all the above parameters to determine Eyowo’s overarching legitimacy as a fintech platform in Nigeria:

Positives indicating legitimacy:

• Officially registered entity with CAC license

• Approved by Lagos State as a digital lender

• Services designed to address consumer needs

• Claims appropriate data security provisions

• Multiple channels offered for customer service queries

Eyowo passes the basic legitimacy checks in terms of registration, licensing, and security provisions for a fintech company operating in Nigeria. However, its customer service, technology robustness, fee transparency, and ethical practices seem questionable based on multiple credible user reviews online.

Unless the company can improve in these parameters through better IT systems, increased transparency, and ethical practices, users may face frequent troubles in availing services effectively from the platform despite its legality and increasing popularity among retail consumers. So proceed with caution despite the convenience Eyowo provides.

Eyowo Customer Care Contacts

Reach out to Eyowo’s customer care through the following channels in case of any queries or issues:

WhatsApp Chat Support: 07000EYOWO (0700039 696)

Phone Support: 09019110006

Email Address:

Contact Form: Eyowo website contact page

Social Media Handles:
Facebook – @eyowoloans
Instagram – @eyowoloans
Twitter – @eyowoloans

Eyowo Office Addresses

According to available information online, below are some of the known office locations of Eyowo:

1. Eyowo Headquarters
Primus Tech Hub
3rd Floor, 50 Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

2. Eyowo Regional Office
47 Trans-Amadi Industrial Layout Port Harcourt, Rivers State

3. Eyowo Customer Service Centre
Km 42, Leme Junction, Ajah, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos

So visitors can contact the Victoria Island headquarters for corporate communication or visit the Ajah customer center for individual services support. You can also connect with regional offices like the Port Harcourt one for local assistance.


To conclude this detailed assessment regarding Eyowo’s legitimacy – the company does have basic registration and licensing to provide lending services legally in Nigeria. However, despite meeting baseline fintech operational requirements, their customer service, technology performance, transparency, and potentially even ethical practices remain questionable based on online reviews.

As a borrower or investor, do consider these possible shortcomings highlighted before trusting them with your sensitive personal data, money, and financial transactions. Apply due caution and discretion despite the ease and appeal of services. Research alternative platforms as well before deciding.

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