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Opay Failed Transactions: How to Cancel Pending Transactions on Opay

Opay is a popular fintech and mobile payments platform that operates in Nigeria and other African countries. It allows users to make payments, transfer money, buy airtime, pay bills, and perform other financial transactions through their mobile phones.

However, like any other platform, Opay also experiences some failed or pending transactions from time to time. This can be frustrating for users especially if it involves large sums of money being deducted but service not rendered.

In this blog post, we provide a step-by-step guide on how Opay users can cancel any failed or pending transaction on the platform before the money leaves your account.

What are Failed/Pending Transactions on Opay?

A failed or pending transaction on Opay refers to a payment or transaction that has been initiated but has not been completed successfully due to certain issues.

Some examples of failed/pending Opay transactions include:

• Mobile money transfer to another Opay user that is not showing as received on the recipient’s end after a long wait.

• Electricity bill payments, DSTV subscriptions, or airtime purchases that are deducted from your Opay wallet but service not rendered.

• Bank account withdrawals were initiated but cash was not received in bank account after the expected time.

• POS merchant payments showing as “processing” but no SMS payment notification received.

A transaction can fail or get stuck on the Opay platform due to reasons like network issues, bugs, server downtimes, incorrect recipient details etc. If not canceled on time, the deducted money gets stuck in “Opay system limbo” and delays can mean you lose the funds.

It is therefore important to know how to cancel any pending transactions on Opay before it is too late.

How to Cancel Pending Transaction on Opay

Step 1: Confirm the failed transaction

The first step when you notice a failed Opay transaction is to confirm that indeed there was a deduction made from your Opay wallet but service was not rendered.

You can check your Opay app’s transaction history or wallet balance to compare before and after figures for confirmation. If money has left your wallet without value received, then there is a need to act.

Alternatively, you can confirm a failed transaction through the expected outcome. For instance, if you paid electricity bills but do not get the payment notification SMS from your provider even after waiting for long, then it has likely failed. Or if you notice your bank balance remains unchanged hours after initiating a withdrawal from Opay wallet to your bank, then that’s a failed transaction.

Having credible confirmation of the failed transaction will make it easier to argue your case when contacting customer service.

Step 2: Gather transaction details & evidence

Before contacting Opay customer service, be sure to have details of the failed transaction at hand to support your cancellation request. Important info may include:

• Date & time of failed transaction
• Transaction reference number
• Screenshots as evidence (payment SMS/email/receipts etc)
• Type of transaction (transfer, bill payment, cash out etc.)
• Transaction partners (recipient details, merchant, bank account details used if any, etc.)
• Amount involved

Having such details will enable Opay service agents to easily trace the failed transaction in their system and process your cancellation/refund request faster.

In acute cases, you should lodge your cancellation request immediately if failure occurs even as you gather more evidence over time. This helps to “flag” the issue before the money moves farther out of the Opay system. Gathering irrefutable evidence can then strengthen your case.

Step 3: Contact Opay Customer Service

The next step is to contact Opay customer service and make your failed transaction cancellation/refund request formally.

You can reach Opay customer support through:

Phone – dial their hotline number on your Opay app or find it on their website/social media pages. Speak to a live agent.

In-App Live Chat – Log into your Opay app and use the 24-hour live chat function to interact directly with customer service.

Email – send an email with your complaint and failed transaction details to their customer support email address.

Social Media – send a direct message on Opay’s social media pages detailing your issue.

Be sure to provide all necessary details and evidence earlier gathered. Follow up persistently and politely until you receive help resolving the issue fully.

Pro Tip – Always document every communication with Opay customer agents including their names, chat/call time duration, and key details discussed. This serves as useful in follow-ups.

Step 4: Request failed transaction cancellation

When engaging Opay customer service, clearly demand cancellation of the failed/pending transaction and refund of your illegally deducted money back to your Opay wallet. Provide necessary details/evidence to facilitate this.

Some exact wording you can use includes:

“I wish to report a failed transaction with reference number xxx which deducted Nxx from my Opay wallet without rendering the expected service. Please cancel/reverse this transaction immediately and credit my wallet back the full illegally deducted amount.”

In acute failed transaction cases, you may need to expressly ask Opay to halt all outward movement of the funds while investigating your issue:

“Kindly immediately block/flag-off transaction ID xxxxx to prevent my illegally deducted funds from leaving the Opay system until I receive full cancellation and refund into my Opay wallet.”

Such requests signal the urgency of your cancellation demand and compel them to act promptly.

If despite your cancellation request Opay delays past reasonable timelines or tries to pass the buck elsewhere, do well to reiterate your demands from any level of their customer service teams including their Head of Customer Experience if necessary until you get results. Politely seek reasonable escalation while tracking details.

Step 5: Charge-back via bank if Opay uncooperative

As a last resort, if Opay proves highly uncooperative in resolving your failed transaction and refunding your money, you can explore reversing it directly through your connected bank.

This chargeback/reversal mechanism allows banks to clawback deducted funds on behalf of customers who are illegitimately shortchanged.

To do this, visit your bank and fill out a transaction dispute/reversal form providing all necessary details. The bank will then rule if truly you were unfairly charged for no value and demand redress from Opay on your behalf.

It is an extreme step with much paperwork but it offers a legal path to retrieve your money if Opay themselves fail to refund you via cancellation request.

Watch out though for dispute resolution clauses and time limits set by banks which you shouldn’t exceed.

Pro Tip: Immediately contacting your bank to “flag” the failed transaction can boost the success of future chargeback requests made if Opay cancellation efforts hit brick wall. Auditing complicity and urging cooperation also mounts pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my Opay transaction has failed?

You will not receive a confirmation message or service after a long wait. Check your app history to confirm money left your wallet without service.

What are some common reasons for failed Opay transactions?

Network issues, server problems, incorrect recipient details. Problems on Opay side before the money leaves to end provider.

Can I cancel a pending Opay transaction?

Yes, if a transaction remains pending long, contact customer service to cancel before it is attempted again and money deducted.

How long do I have to cancel a failed Opay transaction?

Within 48 hours ideally before funds leave Opay system fully. The faster you act the higher the success.

What details do I need to provide Opay customer service?

Date, reference numbers, transaction type, recipient details, the amount deducted, evidence screenshot or error messages received.

What if Opay refuses to cancel my transaction?

Persist in politely requesting reversal from Opay at highest level. Also, explore bank chargeback options by reporting disputes and providing necessary evidence.

Can my bank reverse Opay’s failed airtime or betting purchases?

Unfortunately no. Bank chargebacks often apply for failed transfers, withdrawals, and bills payments only.

What can I do to prevent failed transactions on Opay?

Ensure you have good network before all transactions. Providing accurate user details. Avoid server downtimes. Update app frequently and contact support if all else fails.


Having Opay failed transactions can truly be frustrating especially when real money is stuck or lost. To avoid nightmares if ever you experience this as an Opay customer, be sure to act quickly and wisely as outlined in this step-by-step cancellation guide. Gather evidence, escalate politely but firmly and explore chargeback options if need be until you get your refund. With knowledge of these procedures, you can stay in control and avoid being shortchanged unduly when things fail on the Opay side.

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