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Flutterwave Customer Care Number, Whatsapp Number, Email Address and Office Address

Flutterwave is a Nigerian financial technology company that provides solutions for electronic payments across Africa. The company aims to make payments frictionless for both consumers and businesses. As one of the leading fintech companies in Africa, Flutterwave has a wide customer base that relies on its services for accepting payments, making payouts, etc.

If you are a Flutterwave customer and need assistance or have queries, there are multiple ways to reach out to their customer care team. In this post, we provide details on Flutterwave’s customer service contact information including customer care number, WhatsApp number, email address, and office address.

Flutterwave Customer Care Number

Flutterwave has a dedicated customer care number for users to reach their support team. The Flutterwave customer care contact number is 01-2712005. This number can be dialed to speak to a customer service agent who can help address any payment, transaction, or account-related queries.

Benefits Of Flutterwave customer care number

• It is available 24/7 so customers can call anytime they need assistance
• Primarily meant for queries related to payments, refunds, transactions, etc
• Agents are knowledgeable and helpful in resolving issues
• May involve waiting time during peak hours before connecting to an agent
• Best way to get prompt support if you have an urgent payment-related issue

So if you are facing any payment failures, or errors, or need assistance with transaction tracking, refunds, etc, you can call the helpline at 01-2712005. Agents are equipped to check details on your transactions and accounts and help fix issues promptly. Make sure to have relevant order/payment details handy when you call them for quicker resolution.

Flutterwave WhatsApp Customer Care Number

In addition to the dedicated helpline, Flutterwave also offers customer support via WhatsApp. The Flutterwave WhatsApp customer care number is +234 903 000 1061.

Customers can save this as a contact and directly text the number on WhatsApp for assistance. Some key aspects regarding this:

• Easy and convenient way to connect without waiting on call
• Helps if you need assistance while on the move
• May take longer for a response compared to calling
• Best for basic queries, payment tracking help, etc.
• Attach screenshots of error messages/details for quick resolution

So if you prefer contacting customer support via chat, just text +234 903 000 1061 on WhatsApp. You will need to share your name, phone number, and query details for them to assist you. Rest assured they are quite responsive via WhatsApp as well during regular business hours.

Flutterwave Customer Care Email

Another way to get in touch with Flutterwave’s customer experience team is via email. You can write to their customer care email address – for any queries or complaints.

Benefits Of contacting them via email support

• Use for non-urgent enquiries
• Expect a response time within 24 hours
• Provide complete details of your issue to get the best assistance
• Remember to add your registered phone/email ID for easy tracking
• Keep follow-up emails concise with only relevant details

So email Flutterwave customer care if your queries are not super urgent and a 24-hour response time works. Make sure to add previous communication threads for context so your issue can be easily understood and resolved faster by the team.

Flutterwave Office Address and Locations

For those wondering about Flutterwave’s physical office address and locations, their headquarters is based in Lagos, Nigeria.

The contact details are:

8, Providence Street,
Lekki Phase 1, Lagos,

So customers can visit the above address if they need any in-person assistance or discussions related to their Flutterwave account or payments. This should mainly be required only for enterprise clients needing onboarding, account upgrades, integrations, etc.

For individual users, reaching out to their dedicated customer support mediums like call, WhatsApp, or email is recommended as the first step.

In addition to their Lagos HQ, Flutterwave also has offices in:

1. San Francisco, USA
2. Nairobi, Kenya
3. Accra, Ghana

These are smaller regional offices focusing on business development, partnerships, and local support. So do contact the Lagos headquarters for best customer assistance via the number/email provided earlier.

Tips for Getting Quick Customer Service from Flutterwave

Here are some useful tips when reaching out to the Flutterwave support team:

• Have your account phone number or email ID handy for faster tracking
• Note the transaction reference ID if querying payment failures
• Take screenshots of any error messages on the platform
• Have order details ready if raising refund requests
• Describe the issues clearly and sequentially for context
• Follow only one channel (call/email/WhatsApp) to avoid confusion
• Be patient and cooperative with the customer care agents

Following these tips will help you get faster responses and resolution from Flutterwave. Making sure you provide all relevant transaction/order information will assist the agents in resolving your issues smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flutterwave Customer Care

What is Flutterwave’s customer care number?

Flutterwave’s customer care number is 01-2712005. This toll-free number is available 24/7 for any payment-related queries.

Does Flutterwave have a WhatsApp support number?

Yes, Flutterwave offers customer support via WhatsApp as well. Their WhatsApp number is +234 903 000 1061.

How do I email Flutterwave customer service?

You can email Flutterwave customer support at for non-urgent assistance needed.

Where is Flutterwave head office located?

Flutterwave head office address is:
8, Providence Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria.

What are Flutterwave’s working and support hours?

Flutterwave customer service is available 24 hours all day through the helpline number. Email and WhatsApp support is active on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm.

How long does Flutterwave take to resolve complaints?

Most customer issues are resolved via phone and WhatsApp within 8 hours. Email complaints are resolved within 5 working days.

Can I visit the Flutterwave office for account issues?

Yes, you can visit their Lagos HQ to meet the support team in person for urgent account-related issues.

My Flutterwave payment is failing, what do I do?

Call Flutterwave care number 01-2712005 and provide transaction details. Agents will troubleshoot the reasons for failure and resolve it.

How to contact Flutterwave outside Nigeria?

You can call Flutterwave’s international helpline number for your region found on their website’s Contact Us page.

Where can I find Flutterwave support articles?

Head to Flutterwave’s Help Centre at for troubleshooting articles on accounts, payments, refunds, and more.


I hope this post helped you find the right Flutterwave customer service contact channels including the customer care number, WhatsApp account, email ID as well as office address. Whether you want to call, chat, or visit them in person, there are multiple mediums to reach their support team conveniently. Do follow the handy tips above when engaging with them to have your payment-related queries or complaints resolved promptly.

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