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Kuda Bank Transfer Code: Kuda Bank Transfer To Other Banks

Kuda Bank has quickly become one of the most popular digital banks in Nigeria thanks to its user-friendly mobile app, zero monthly fees, and ability to do free transfers to other banks.

One of the most asked questions among Kuda customers is what the Kuda transfer code is to send money to recipients with accounts at other Nigerian banks like GTBank, FirstBank, Zenith Bank, Access Bank etc.

In this blog post, I will provide a step-by-step walkthrough on how to easily transfer money from Kuda Bank to other banks using the right transfer codes.

Understanding Kuda Transfer Codes

Kuda uses special codes called NUBAN codes for bank transfers. NUBAN stands for “Nigerian Uniform Bank Account Number” and it is a standardized bank account numbering system introduced by the CBN across all Nigerian banks. This 11-digit number allows you to identify and confirm the destination bank when making transfers.

So the Kuda transfer code you need for transfers to other banks is simply the NUBAN code or account number of the bank you want to send money to. All you need is the account name, number, and bank name and you can transfer money from Kuda into any bank account in Nigeria.

Step-by-Step Guide to Transfer Money from Kuda Bank to Other Banks

Follow these simple steps to transfer funds from your Kuda account to any other bank account in Nigeria:

1. Update the Kuda app: Ensure you have the latest version of the Kuda mobile app installed on your phone for a smooth transfer experience.

2. Tap “Move Money”: Open the Kuda app and tap on the “Move Money” icon on the home screen. This is the money transfer feature.

3. Select “To Bank Account”: On the next screen, tap on the option for “To Bank Account” to bring up bank transfer options.

4. Enter beneficiary details: On the recipient details form, enter the account name, account number and bank name of the person/account you want to transfer money to. Make sure the details match the destination account to avoid issues.

5. Enter transfer amount: Type in the amount you want to transfer to the recipient. Make sure you have sufficient balance in your Kuda account.

6. Tap “Continue”: Review all details entered and tap “Continue” if they are correctly entered. This will lead to the transfer authentication step before the final transfer.

7. Authenticate with PIN: Enter your Kuda app PIN when prompted to authenticate the money transfer for security reasons.

8. Confirm details and transfer: The transfer summary will show the details of the amount, names, bank etc. If all details are correct, tap “Send Money” to complete the transfer.

9. Check SMS and email notification: You will receive instant SMS and email notifications confirming once the Kuda bank transfer is successful with key details of the transaction.

Top Banks and Codes for Receiving Kuda Transfers

Here are some of the most popular bank NUBAN codes to use when transferring money from Kuda to recipient accounts at leading Nigerian banks:

GTBank: 058xxxxx (11-digit account number)
FirstBank: 011xxxxx
Zenith Bank: 057xxxxx
Access Bank: 004xxxxx
UBA: 033xxxxx
FCMB: 214xxxxx
Fidelity Bank: 070xxxxx

So in summary, all you need is the valid 11-digit NUBAN account number of the bank where the recipient’s account is domiciled in order to do a quick and easy bank transfer from your Kuda account.

Benefits of Transferring Funds Through Kuda

There are many benefits that make transferring money through Kuda very seamless:

Completely free transfers – Kuda does not charge any fees for bank transfers

Instant transfers – Money reflects in recipient’s accounts within minutes

Simple steps – Very easy to initiate and complete transfers on Kuda mobile app

Added security – Extra PIN protection and instant SMS alerts

Tracking payments – You can check pending and past transfers easily

Flexible limits – Customize your daily transfer limits from the app

So if you are looking for a convenient, cheap and stress-free way to send money from Kuda to any bank account in Nigeria, simply use the NUBAN codes outlined above along with the account name and number to enjoy smooth, instant transfers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kuda Bank Transfers

Here are answers to some common questions about transferring money from Kuda Bank:

How long do Kuda bank transfers to other banks take?

Kuda bank transfers typically only take 1 – 3 minutes to reflect in the recipient’s bank account since everything is handled digitally in real-time.

Is there a limit on how much I can transfer from Kuda daily?

Yes, Kuda allows you to transfer up to N2 million daily by default. But you can set custom daily transfer limits based on your preference from the Profile section of your Kuda app.

Does the recipient need to also have Kuda Bank account?

No, you can transfer money from Kuda to any bank account in Nigeria as long as you have the valid NUBAN account details (account number and bank name).

Is there a charge for transferring money from Kuda to other banks?

No, there are completely zero fees or charges for transfers done from Kuda Bank to accounts at other Nigerian banks.

How do I transfer money from my Kuda account to another bank?

You need to enter the NUBAN code or account number of the recipient’s bank, along with their account name and bank name, in the Kuda app’s “Move Money – To Bank Account” section. Then enter the transfer amount and authenticate with your app PIN.

How long do transfers from Kuda to other banks take?

Transfers from Kuda reflect in the recipient bank account within just 1-3 minutes typically as everything is handled instantly via secure digital channels.

Can I transfer above N2 million daily from my Kuda account?

Yes, you can set custom daily transfer limits above N2 million which is the default limit. Go to your Profile in the Kuda app to change it.

Do I need to have a Kuda account to receive transfers?

No, you can send Kuda transfers to any Nigerian bank account by using the valid recipient account details even if they don’t have a Kuda account.

How do I know if my transfer from Kuda is successful?

You get instant SMS and email notifications the moment a transfer is successful with key details such as amount sent and recipient details.

Can I track my past Kuda transfers?

Yes, you can easily check the status of both pending and previous bank transfers you have made using the Kuda app’s transaction history.

Is my money secure when transferring through Kuda?

Yes, all Kuda transfers go through robust security systems with PIN authentication as well as instant alerts to ensure your money is safe.


I hope this detailed guide gives you clarity on how to easily send money from your Kuda account to other bank accounts by simply using the NUBAN codes and account details of the recipient. Kuda has simplified bank transfers in Nigeria with an intuitive mobile app, instant transfers, no hidden charges, and added security. So leverage the power of Kuda to conveniently move money to friends, family, business partners or employees irrespective of where their bank accounts are.

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