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UBA Transfer Code (USSD To Send Money To UBA And Other Banks) UBA USSD Codes

United Bank for Africa (UBA) is one of the largest commercial banks in Nigeria with a vast network of branches across the country. Over the years, UBA has invested heavily in technology to provide convenient and seamless banking services to its customers. One such innovation is the introduction of USSD and transfer codes which enable customers to easily send money to UBA accounts or accounts in other banks without having to visit the bank.

In this blog post, we will provide a detailed explainer on how to use UBA transfer codes and USSD codes to move money to UBA and other bank accounts conveniently from your mobile phone.

Whether you are a UBA account holder or bank with other banks, this guide will show you the different options available to quickly send money or airtime to loved ones.

How To Transfer Money to UBA Account Using UBA Transfer Codes

If you have an account with UBA and want to send money to another UBA account, you can easily do so using UBA’s transfer codes. Here are the simple steps:

1. From your mobile phone, dial *919#

2. Select Option 1 – Transfer Money

3. Then select Option 1 again – Transfer to UBA Account

4. Enter the UBA account number you wish to transfer money to

5. Enter the amount you wish to transfer

6. Enter your UBA account PIN when prompted

7. Confirm all details presented to complete transfer

Once the transaction is completed successfully, you will receive an SMS notification confirming it. The money transfers instantly into the UBA account you sent it to without any delays.

This UBA money transfer process via USSD is very convenient as you do not need internet access or any app to use it. As long as you have your UBA account details, you can send money directly to another UBA account from anywhere at any time.

How To Transfer Money from UBA Account To Other Banks

The *919# USSD code can also be used to transfer or send money instantly from your UBA account to accounts in about 20 other Nigerian banks.

To move money from UBA account to other banks, simply follow these steps:

1. Dial *919#

2. Select Option 1 – Transfer Money

3. Select Option 2 – Transfer to Other Bank

4. Select your preferred destination bank from the list

5. Enter the account number for the bank you are sending money to

6. Input transfer amount

7. Input your UBA account PIN to authorize transaction

8. Confirm details to complete transfer

As soon as transaction is confirmed, you will get SMS notification while the beneficiary also receives instant alert in their bank account.

This provides a fast and convenient way to send money to loved ones or business partners who use other banks apart from UBA.

Sending Money to UBA Accounts Using Other Banks

Customers banking with other Nigerian banks apart from UBA can also easily send money to UBA accounts by using their Banks’ transfer or USSD codes.

For example, to send money to a UBA account using Access Bank USSD code, simply dial *901#, select Option 1- Transfer Money, then select Option 5 for Transfer to UBA. After that, input the UBA account details you want to credit and amount. Confirm transaction using your access bank PIN when prompted.

The process is very similar across other Nigerian banks. Just locate transfer to UBA option from your bank’s USSD menu.

How To Buy Airtime on UBA

UBA customers can also leverage *919# code to instantly buy airtime for self or others. Here is a guide:

1. Dial *919#

2. Select Option 3 – Buy Airtime

3. Select your preferred option – Self or Others

4. Enter your mobile number if buying for self OR enter recipient’s number if buying for others

5. Enter Airtime amount

6. Input UBA account PIN to authorize transaction

7. Confirm details and wait for SMS notification when airtime is credited.

Buying airtime via USSD eliminates the need to stand in long queues at physical recharge card merchants or dealers. Everything happens instantly from your mobile phone using the convenient *919# menu.

UBA Mobile Money Transfer Limits

While transferring money via mobile with UBA, there are transfer limits you should take note of:

● Minimum amount per transaction = N100

● Maximum amount per transaction = N500,000

● Cumulative daily transfer limit = N3 Million

● Cumulative monthly transfer limit = N20 Million

Ensure you transfer amounts within these thresholds for seamless transactions. But you can request temporary or permanent upgrade of your mobile money transfer limits by submitting appropriate paperwork at a UBA branch near you if you want higher allowance.

Transfer Money to UBA Accounts Easily with Simplee App

Apart from using USSD codes, you can also leverage UBA’s Simplee money transfer app to conveniently send money to UBA accounts or withdraw cash from UBA ATMs without a debit card.

The Simplee app is available for download on Android and iOS mobile devices. With Simplee installed and activated using your UBA account details, you can easily initiate transfers to UBA accounts right from the app.

The best thing about Simplee app is that it eliminates remembering all those USSD codes. Everything required to make account transfers or cash withdrawals is available in a simple and intuitive mobile app built specifically for UBA customers.

As long as you have a UBA account number, you can easily save beneficiary details one time on your Simplee app profile. So making subsequent transfers to such saved beneficiaries happens in a few taps without having to input bank details and account numbers over and over again. This makes the process very swift.

The Simplee app also comes with inbuilt OTP/token generation for authorizing transfers and withdrawals thereby guaranteeing safety of transactions. Your UBA account is protected from unauthorized access or debits with this measure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the UBA transfer code?

The UBA transfer code is *919#. This is the USSD code used by UBA account holders to initiate transfers, airtime purchase and other banking services from their mobile phones.

How do I transfer money from my UBA account to another UBA account?

To transfer money from your UBA account to another UBA account, dial *919#, select Option 1 (Transfer Money), select Option 1 (Transfer to UBA Account) and then enter the account details to transfer to and amount. Confirm with your UBA account PIN.

Can I transfer money from my GTB account to UBA account?

Yes, you can transfer money from other bank accounts to UBA accounts. From your GTB account, dial *737#, select Option 1 (Transfer Money), then select Option 5 for (Transfer to UBA). Input UBA account details and amount then authorize with your GTB account PIN.

Is there a limit to how much I can transfer via USSD?

Yes, UBA has transfer limits per transaction and cumulatively for USSD transfers. You can transfer maximum of N500,000 per transaction and up to N3million daily. Speak to your account officer to upgrade limits.

How much does it cost to transfer money from UBA to other banks?

UBA does not charge fees for transfers to UBA accounts. However transfers to other banks typically attract a flat fee of N100 per transaction.

Can I buy airtime using UBA transfer code?

Yes. Simply dial *919# and select Option 3 to Buy Airtime directly for self or others using you UBA account wallet without debit card or cash.

How long do UBA account transfers take to reflect?

Money transfers from UBA accounts to UBA and other bank accounts reflect instantly with SMS notification sent to both sender and recipient in real-time once transaction is complete.

Is the UBA Simplee app similar to using transfer codes?

Yes, the Simply app lets you make instant transfers to UBA accounts conveniently just like *919# but eliminates the need to remember transfer menu options and details. Everything is in one place.

Is the UBA Simplee app free to download?

Yes. The UBA Simplee app is free to download for Android and iOS devices. You only require valid UBA account details to activate it and begin enjoying seamless transfers

Can I withdraw from UBA ATM without my debit card using Simplee?

Yes, the Simplee app has token generation feature that provides secure authorization for ATM withdrawals at UBA ATMs without physically using your debit cards.


We have provided exhaustive and practical walkthrough on how to transfer money conveniently to UBA accounts using USSD codes as well as the Simplee mobile app. Our article simplifies the available options for seamlessly sending money, buying airtime or paying bills using your UBA account.

Whether you operate a UBA account or bank with any other Nigerian bank, you can easily send money to UBA accounts of friends, family members or business partners using the *919# short code or any other transfer USSD code of your respective bank. The transfers happen instantly without delays.

For quick reminders, you can bookmark this article and always refer to the step by step guidance outlined here on how to move money from your account into UBA accounts or how UBA account holders can send money to other bank accounts using *919# USSD transfer menu.

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