2023 Shell Job Recruitment Technical Data Management Analyst London 

2023 Shell Job Recruitment Technical Data Management Analyst London  You can work in London, Shell London is recruiting for the Position of Technical Data Management Analyst, you will get the job full information including application details and Deadline.

Shell Recruitment Job description

This role will enable the successful candidate to join a dynamic London-based Technical Data and Information team, supporting Powering Shell’s Progress through the Energy Transition. You will have the drive and experience to provide efficient and effective Technical Data and Information capabilities in a role close to businesses for underground exploration, development and/or CCUS (Carbon Capture and Storage) teams.

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Where do you meet

You will work in close collaboration with colleagues from the Technical Data (TD) East team. Internal and other business partners, TD and the Workflow community, are all part of the wider Technical Information Community (CoP) elsewhere. By leveraging digitization strategies to improve upstream decisions and make them more efficient, you support the future journey to a cloud-based data center environment.

You will understand the top research, development and technical data landscape of the CCUS business and will be an integral part of the TD East team in the UPV/X business line in Subsurface Data and Digital (SSDD). Key aspects of the role include project data management and enterprise data management activities that support the delivery of ground-level results for the asset/business team. At the same time, actively communicate with team colleagues and consult with internal business partners. You will support the journey to increase the amount of data prioritized to “win” in competitive procurement by managing technical information in-house.

You will have the opportunity to be part of strategic improvement programs such as X-Data/X-Other or (O)SDU, where digital advances in the area of ​​automation challenge to balance long-term value with process flow efficiency and data quality. . Dynamic ‘practical’ thinking is essential to meet today’s innovation knowledge needs while standardizing for future sustainability. You will develop a data centric mindset, understand what data is stored and where/how it can be found, retrieved and structured, and become comfortable rationalizing large and disparate data sets to deliver One Asset Underground and asset project results.

What is the role?

As a Technical Data Management Analyst, you will ensure efficient and consistent management of technical data and related workflows throughout the project life cycle, from project framework and construction, to project execution, to project printing, publishing and guaranteeing results. This entails identifying, planning and contributing to improvements related to underground databases, software and equipment. The ability to balance reactive and proactive thinking is essential.

As part of the Shell Technical Data (TD) and Workflow community – TD East collaborates with many teams internationally; but not limited to TD West in America, Subsurface Operations (global), Shell Global Operations Center Associates (TAO – Krakow and Chennai), Global Seismic Data Management Team (global) and the new SDU-TD Conversion Team (global) . All work together to maximize efficiency and maximum value from underground data. You will build a strong network with this team and other TD teams (if needed) to support the drive for integration and standardization.

What do you need?

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This role requires strong business domain knowledge and a strong passion for continuous improvement with knowledge of Technical Information and Data Management (TIDM).

This role requires a strong understanding of underground business processes and a thorough knowledge of Project data and information cycles in underground projects. Experience with data flow is required, including how basic data enters the project space, sync between the various applications and project stores used in the workflow, and how the “end” or “result” is published in the enterprise environment.

You will bring dynamic “hands-on” experience with a proven “learner mindset” and a sense of urgency to drive efficiency. Digital skills in general scripting, coding and data visualization techniques are a plus; to obtain a “consultative” profile with business partners.

It is expected to collaborate across borders with stakeholders to ensure that data is used as an asset. Do you have:

A relevant degree in a related discipline (such as Geology, Geophysics, Petroleum Engineering) and/or TIDM

Experience with Information Technology in a team environment, including using and developing workflows, processes, standards, and related tools

Analytical skills combined with a pragmatic approach to problem solving. By influencing CI (Continuous Improvement) and DQ (Data Quality) to improve delivery and value.

proven experience

How to Apply for Shell Job recruitment 2023

You can apply for this job through Shell Job recruitment, all you will do is make sure you have internet enabled device and that you are connected to a fast and a reliable internet, Click here to apply for this Job

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2023 Shell Job Recruitment Technical Data Management Analyst London

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