Coca-Cola Job Recruitment Global security manager 2023

Coca-Cola Job Recruitment Global security manager 2023 Are you interested in working with Coca-Cola at the Company’s Security Department, The Global Security Manager has to do with Securing Coca-Cola and everything that Concerns the Company this Opportunity is for you, below this article applications guidelines will be provided.

The Global Security Manager Job Summary

The Global Security Manager is responsible for protecting The Coca-Cola Company from security issues that seriously threaten operations, consumer confidence, or shareholder confidence by providing high-level threat prevention and resolution support to global business systems, including suite development and implementation. submitted. Security Program During Major Events This role provides guidance throughout the business to support, among other things, physical assets, criminal investigations, management protection, safe workplace and integrity promotion. and law enforcement agencies, as well as private and public sector security and intelligence companies.

What will you do for us?

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Mitigate threats to company assets (eg, safe workplaces, terrorism) through tactical incident response or delivery.
Build relationships with internal and government officials for immediate or future assistance
Provide in-depth security advice and/or training seminars related to corporate data loss, anti-hijacking, advertising integrity and a secure workplace.
Manage crises and critical incidents in accordance with company procedures and business continuity requirements.
Check reports of criminal financial integrity (eg theft, fraud, theft) to determine financial responsibility and / or culpability.
Qualifications and requirements

Education: Bachelor’s degree or significant work experience in corporate security

Relevant work experience: 10 or more years of work experience

Technical Skills:

Security/Law Enforcement Knowledge: Knowledge of domestic and international law enforcement/security organizations; includes the ability to develop strategic communication / liaisons with organizations such as to complete security-related missions.
Global Asset Protection Strategies: Know the strategies used to improve public security posture to counter threats to global business systems; including the ability to improve system response to problems/incidents based on lessons learned from previous incidents and training validation. Provides security advice and consulting to global business enterprises
Procedures and Investigative Skills: Knowledge of interview techniques and procedures used to gather information related to security; includes the ability to recognize situations that may require additional research and knowledge of procedures for conducting such research. Collect and evaluate forensic data relevant to investigative methods and principles; reporting the facts in an appropriate format; Obtain an accurate account of the incident/problem.
Professional Objectives: Be objective in solving security problems and know the methods used to follow company policies and procedures in a courteous manner.
Security Intelligence: Develop and maintain communications with an extensive network of global law enforcement and intelligence partners
Threat Assessment: Accurately assess incidents for security/political issues, global special events or advanced global law enforcement, intelligence agencies, other government agencies, open source and subscription services.
What can we do for you

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You will be part of the African team, an orchestra that includes new characters and our leaders. Together, to pursue the vision of our company to create CYCLE VISIONS to create MISCELLANEOUS VISIONS:

Make our code CUTURE irresistible
Build the ability to excel
Change the DNA of our organization to be ADAPTABLE

Our mission and growth culture:

We take deliberate action to foster an inclusive culture based on our corporate mission, to innovate and change the world. We operate with a growth mindset, take a broad approach to what is possible, and believe in continuous learning to improve our business and ourselves. We focus on four core behaviors – knowledgeable, strong, inclusive and flexible – and measure how well we’re doing. We believe our culture is one of the reasons our company thrives after 130+ years. To learn more about these behaviors and how you can apply them in your next role at Coca-Cola, visit our Purpose and Vision.

We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate against employees or applicants based on race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, veteran status, or background. disability or other federal, state or local protected classes. When we collect personal information as part of a job application or job offer, we do so in accordance with industry standards and practices and best practices.

How to apply for The Global Security Management at Coca-Cola Company

After going through the post and you want to apply for this Job Opportunity, all you have to do is Click this Link to apply for the Coca-Cola Job.

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Coca-Cola Job Recruitment Global security manager 2023

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