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Carbon Customer Care Number, Whatsapp Contact and Office Address

Carbon is one of the leading digital banking platforms in Nigeria. It provides innovative financial services to customers across Nigeria through its easy-to-use mobile apps and website. As a fully licensed financial institution, Carbon offers services like high-yield savings and fixed deposits, affordable loans, easy payments, and airtime/data purchases. It also issues Carbon Visa debit cards to customers.

With over 1 million customers across Nigeria, Carbon has become extremely popular, especially among tech-savvy youth and working professionals. Its focus on digitization and great customer experience has won it several awards and accolades.

However, even the best financial service providers can have issues come up now and then when dealing with millions of customers. Customers may need to reach out to Carbon for inquiries, complaints, account assistance, and other issues. This is where knowledge of Carbon’s customer care contacts comes in handy.

In this blog post, we provide all the key Carbon customer care contact details that customers should know about.

Carbon Customer Care Number

Carbon’s customer care number is one of the easiest ways to reach its support center for any issues you may face. Given below are the customer care numbers you should save:

Lagos Customers: 01-2716000
Abuja Customers: 09-2802500
Port Harcourt Customers: 084-5802500

You can call the customer care helpline during working hours and weekends (9 AM to 9 PM). There are always dedicated customer service agents ready to assist you. Whether you have transaction issues, complaints, or general inquiries – calling the helpline should provide quick resolution.

Benefits of calling Carbon’s customer Care Number

• Get in touch directly with a customer service agent
• Quick redressal of issues and complaints
• Agents are well-trained and experienced
• Available during 9 AM-9 PM on working and weekends
• Toll-free number so you don’t waste any airtime

Before you call, keep your account details handy for easy reference and confirmation. Also clearly explain your issue to the agent for best results.

Carbon WhatsApp Contact

In line with its digital focus, Carbon also offers customer care services via WhatsApp. You can text your inquiries and issues to Carbon’s WhatsApp customer care number: 08139686868

This number is available 24/7 so customers can reach out anytime they face urgent banking issues. The key benefits of using Carbon’s WhatsApp for customer complaints and assistance are:

• Connect instantly at any time
• Quick responses to inquiries
• Attach images, and statements easily for reference
• No call waiting time, hold music!

To use WhatsApp for customer care, save the number 08139686868 on your phone first. Next, text Hi to this number over WhatsApp to get started. You will get an automated welcome message detailing various services offered. Go through them and then text your specific issue. An agent should assist you shortly.

For best results, clearly explain your issue, account details, transaction reference numbers, etc while texting your issue. This helps in quick resolution. You can also attach screenshots or images if necessary. The WhatsApp chat history also helps in following up if needed.

Carbon Office Address

While Carbon is a digital bank without traditional bank branches, it still has physical administrative and corporate offices in the three locations below:

1. Lagos Office:

Block 9, 1004 Estates
Victoria Island,

2. Abuja Office:

Plot 6, Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent,
Wuse 2, Abuja

3. Port Harcourt Office:

1, Old Aba Road, Rumukwurushi,
Obio / Akpor, Rivers State

So while Carbon does not have traditional bank branches for customer walk-ins, you can visit the office addresses above for any special requests or assistance related to accounts, loans, or corporate matters. Visiting the office also allows you to give feedback and suggestions directly to Carbon’s employee teams.

You can contact the Lagos office at 01-2716000, the Abuja office at 09-2802500, and the Port Harcourt office at 084-5802500 during working hours on weekdays. The offices operate the customer care contact centers as well for any general inquiries and complaints.

Frequently Asked Questions About Carbon

Below we answer some frequently asked questions customers may have about Carbon customer care.

Q. What documents should I keep handy when contacting customer care?

A. Have details like registered phone numbers, carbon account numbers, BVN numbers, etc ready to verify your identity and access the account for problem resolution.

Q. My account is frozen. How can I get it activated?

A. Kindly call the customer care helpline or contact us over WhatsApp. Customer service agents will raise special requests for verification procedures to activate accounts that get frozen or restricted.

Q. I am facing issues with logging in to my Carbon account. What should I do?

A. Please call customer care or check your registered email for password reset instructions. Phone verification may also be initiated to verify credentials and get login access restored.

Q. I have an urgent complaint regarding transaction failure or the wrong amount debited. How quickly can it get resolved?

A. Reach out immediately over WhatsApp or call the helpline. Such transaction issues are treated as the highest priority for instant investigation and fixing.

Q. There are charges deducted which I don’t understand. Can I get my money back?

A. Text your concerns to the WhatsApp contact with charge details, amounts, etc so agents can validate and initiate refunds if incorrect deductions have happened.

Q. I have a suggestion to improve the Carbon app or account features. To whom should I send it?

A. You can share your suggestions over email to The product and tech teams track this mailbox for feedback and ideas from customers.

Q. I realized some personal details in my profile are incorrect. How can I update them?

A. Use the Update Profile feature in your Carbon account on the website or app to modify personal information like address etc. For name/DOB changes, agents assist after account verification.

We hope these commonly asked customer service FAQs help you understand the scope and efficiency of Carbon’s customer support channels better. Do reach out over call/WhatsApp in case any other concerns remain.


Carbon’s growing customer base is testimony to the quality digital banking solutions it offers to Nigerians. However, technology issues, transaction failures, complaints, etc can occur despite best efforts – hence robust customer care support is essential.

In this blog post, we have provided all the Carbon customer care contact details that you should need. This includes three customer care numbers for Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt customers along with the dedicated WhatsApp contact. Visiting Carbon’s corporate offices is also an option for special assistance subject to verification.

With multiple ways to get quick resolutions for your banking issues, Carbon aims to minimize problems faced by customers through digitization. Do utilize these customer care channels for instant redressal and keep supporting Carbon in its endeavor to drive digital banking penetration across Nigeria.

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