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How To Get Kudi POS – Kudi POS Withdrawal Charges, Machine Price And Daily Target

Kudi POS is a popular point-of-sale (POS) system that allows merchants and small business owners in Nigeria to accept card and wallet payments. With Kudi POS, you can start accepting payments in just a few minutes without the need for intensive paperwork or long wait times.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about getting set up on the Kudi POS platform. We cover topics like:

– What is Kudi POS and how it works
– Kudi POS features and benefits
– Eligibility criteria and documentation required
– Kudi POS charges and pricing plans
– How to apply and onboard to the Kudi POS platform
– Device options and costs
– Expected daily targets and more

So if you’re looking to empower your small business in Nigeria with seamless digital payments, read on as we explore all there is to know about getting your own Kudi POS machine.

What is Kudi POS and How Does it Work?

Kudi POS is a POS solution launched by Kudi Money to enable small businesses to accept card and wallet payments. With Kudi POS, merchants can accept payments from customers through debit/credit cards, mobile wallets, QR codes, and bank transfers.

The Kudi POS machine connects via GPRS, WiFi, or Bluetooth to the Kudi platform which processes the payments in real-time. Once a payment goes through successfully, the funds are reflected in the merchant’s Kudi Money wallet instantly. Merchants can then cash out earnings to their bank account or perform other transactions like bill payments, airtime purchases, etc.

So in summary, the key benefits of Kudi POS include:

• Accept card payments seamlessly
• Get paid directly into your Kudi Money wallet
• Cash out earnings anytime
• No need for extensive paperwork
• Affordable pricing plans
• Real-time payment notifications and reconciliation
• Branded POS machine provided

Kudi POS Features and Benefits
Here are some of the standout features and advantages of using Kudi POS for your small business:

• Accept payments via cards, mobile wallets, QR codes etc.
• Funds credited instantly into Kudi wallet account
• Low transaction charges – 1.4% + N100 per transaction
• Daily, weekly, and custom transaction reports
• Setup within 24 hours, no lengthy paperwork
• Dedicated account manager
• Portable wireless POS machines provided
• Cash out directly to the bank or perform other transactions on the Kudi platform
• Safe and secure payment infrastructure

As you can see, Kudi POS has all the features you need to start accepting digital payments for your business without any hassle. With Kudi POS, you enjoy convenience, speed, and affordability all together.

Eligibility Criteria for Kudi POS

To be eligible to apply for and get approved for a Kudi POS machine, you must fulfill the following criteria:

1. Have an existing business registered in Nigeria
2. Provide valid business documents like CAC, TIN, etc.
3. Operate in a commercial location, not just a home/residential address
4. Be a resident of Nigeria
5. Have a smartphone with internet connectivity
6. Have an existing and functional Nigerian bank account

So solo entrepreneurs, merchants operating shops/outlets, wholesalers & retailers, pharmacies, restaurants, and other small businesses are eligible for Kudi POS.

Just ensure you comply with all the requirements above and provide the necessary documentation for a quick and smooth application process.

Documents Required for Kudi POS
As part of the Kudi POS application process, you will need to submit the following key documents electronically:

– Recent passport photograph
– Valid government-issued ID card
– Proof of business/shop address (utility bill etc.)
– CAC business registration documents
– Tax Identification Number (TIN)
– BVN number

Having all these documents ready will help fast-track your application and onboarding. The Kudi team will inform you if any other documents are required during the verification process.

Kudi POS Pricing, Transaction charges

One of the biggest advantages of choosing Kudi POS is the simple and affordable pricing structure. There are no hidden charges or tricky conditions when it comes to processing payments.

Here is an overview of the Kudi POS pricing:

Device deposit – ranges from N18,000 to N35,000 depending on the type of POS machine selected
Transaction charge – 1.4% + N100 per transaction (deducted from daily payments automatically)
Monthly subscription fee – none! No recurring monthly fees
Cash withdrawal fee – N100 flat fee per withdrawal
Fund transfer fee – N50 flat fee for bank transfers

As you can see the charges are very transparent and pocket-friendly for small businesses. No high rental costs, setup fees, or recurring subscriptions – just pay as you use!

The transaction fee is directly linked to your daily earnings so you only pay a small percentage of what you receive in sales via the Kudi POS device.

How to Apply for Kudi POS

If you meet all the eligibility criteria and have all the documents ready, applying for your own Kudi POS is very simple:

1. Visit the Kudi POS website or mobile app and click on Apply Now
2. Select your preferred POS machine type
3. Fill in the online POS application form accurately
4. Upload scanned copies of your documentation
5. Make the device deposit as requested
6. The Kudi team will verify your application within 24 hours
7. Once approved, your POS machine will be couriered to your business location
8. Activate your device and start accepting payments!

The entire process is designed to be seamless and swift so you can get started with digital payments for your small business without delays.

From start to finish expect a turnaround time of between 2 to 4 working days for your Kudi POS application.

Kudi POS Device Options

Based on your business needs and budget, you can choose from three options when applying for your internet-enabled POS device on Kudi:

1. Basic Kudi POS device

Costs around N18,000 – N25,000 upfront
Accepts magnetic stripe and EMV chip & PIN cards
Prints receipts via a built-in printer
Wireless & long battery life

2. Smart POS Device

Costs around N28,000 – N35,000
Has all the features of the Basic device plus:
Accepts NFC payments
Larger screen with touch keyboard
Higher processing speed

3. Kudi POS App & Card Reader

The cost is just the card reader device – approx. N8,000
Use your smartphone/tablet as the POS
Accepts magstripe, EMV chip & PIN, and NFC payments
The Kudi POS app handles all processing

The choice depends on your sales volumes and functionality needs. Select the device aligned with your budget and requirements. The good part is you own the POS terminal so there are no rental costs or payment obligations.

Expected Daily Targets and Performance Tracking

An important thing to note when signing up for Kudi POS is the expected daily card payment transaction targets. The exact targets will depend on the pricing plan you select but on average aim for:

Basic Plan: Min 10 to 15 transactions daily
Standard Plan: Min 20 to 25 transactions daily
Enterprise Plan: 30+ transactions daily

Meeting or exceeding these targets ensures you get the most value from your Kudi POS device and maximizes your earning potential.

The easy-to-use Kudi POS merchant portal and app allows you to closely track key metrics like:

– Number of daily transactions
– Value of payments processed
– Total earnings over custom periods
– Sales trends by payment mode
– Register reconciliation

Leveraging these reports and statistics allows you to assess your day-to-day operations and make informed business decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do I need to provide when applying for Kudi POS?

You need to provide an ID card, proof of business address, business registration documents like CAC, TIN, BVN, and a passport photo.

How long does it take to get approved and receive my Kudi POS machine?

The approval processing time is 24 hours. Once approved, you receive your Kudi POS within 2-4 working days via courier delivery.

What is the deposit amount for a Kudi POS device?

The device deposit ranges from N18,000 to N35,000 depending on which POS machine type you select during application.

Do I need to pay any recurring fee for using Kudi POS?

No, there is no monthly fee or charges apart from a small transaction fee. You only pay 1.4% + N100 per payment transaction processed.

Can I use my smartphone as a POS with Kudi?

Yes, with the Kudi POS mobile app and card reader, you can turn your smartphone into a wireless payment acceptance device.

How do I withdraw money from my Kudi account?

You can instantly transfer earnings from your Kudi wallet to your Nigerian bank account for just a N50 flat fee per transaction.


We hope this detailed guide covered everything you wanted to know about successfully getting set up with Kudi POS. Ready to empower your business with seamless digital payments like tens of thousands of other SMEs? Head to the Kudi POS website now to begin your application.

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