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Palmpay and Opay invitation code

         Palmpay and Opay Invitation code

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                            In this article, I will be talking about how to use palmpay and opay invitation code during registration. each Palmpay and Opay get different unique invitation code.
                            Kindly read throughout the blogpost to get the unique palmpay and Opay Unique Invitation code.

                    Palmpay Invitation Code

Palmpay invitation code

                        The unique palmpay invitation code is 25361G , kindly use this code in the space provided for Invitation code to complete your registration, there are some advantages in place after using the code
  • #100 free airtime
  • #850 deposit bonus
  • Easy account verification

                    Opay Invitation Code

                        The Opay invitation code is 8087190368,  use this unique code when signing up your account and get #1200 welcome bonus instantly

How to Be Eligible For Opay  #1200 Welcome Bonus

                    To be eligible for the #1200 welcome bonus after inputting the invitation code , you need to meet their requirements which are;
  • Verify your opay account with BVN (Tier 2)
  • Deposit at least #1000 as first initial transaction to the app
  • Your welcome bonus will be shared immediately you complete the KYC
Opay invitation code

How to be Eligible for Palmpay Welcome Bonus

            There are some requirements needed to be met before you will be eligible to for the welcome bonus, Below are the requirements needed to be achieved;
  • Tier 2 account
  • #1000 minimum first deposit
  • BVN integrated
  • Unique invitation code

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