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How To Get DotPay POS, Login, Charges, Daily Target, Become Dotpay Agent, DotPay POS Customer Care Phone and Whatsapp Number

DotPay POS is a point of sale payment solution that allows Nigerian businesses and merchants to accept card and wallet payments easily. With DotPay, businesses can start accepting card payments in-store, online or on-the-go without the need for a traditional POS terminal.

DotPay offers an affordable and convenient alternative to traditional POS systems and can help businesses in Nigeria improve cash flow, increase sales and provide customers with flexible payment options.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting started with DotPay POS in Nigeria, including:

• How to get DotPay POS
• DotPay login and registration
• DotPay POS charges and fees
• Daily targets and commissions
• Becoming a DotPay agent
• DotPay POS customer care contacts

How To Get DotPay POS in Nigeria

Here are the steps to get started with DotPay POS in Nigeria:

1. Visit the DotPay POS website ( and click on “Get Started”. This will take you to the signup page.

2. Select your business category – you can choose retail, restaurant, supermarket, pharmacy etc.

3. Enter your basic business information like business name, business email, phone number and business address.

4. Select the features you want – you can choose between card present (swipe), online payments, QR payments etc.

5. Accept the terms and conditions and click Submit.

6. You’ll get an email from DotPay to upload your business documents for verification like RC/BN number, business registration/incorporation forms etc.

7. Once your account is approved, you can order your POS device. DotPay provides Android POS devices or you can use your phone/tablet.

8. After receiving the POS device, you can activate it with your DotPay login details and start accepting payments.

The approval and device delivery can take between 2-5 business days. Overall, getting started with DotPay POS is quick, convenient and requires minimal paperwork.

DotPay POS Login & Registration

To access your DotPay POS account online, visit the login page ( and enter your email and password.

If you don’t have an account yet, you can register on the DotPay website by clicking on Register at the top right.

The registration process involves:

• Selecting your business category
• Filling the business details form
• Uploading your business documents
• Accepting the terms and conditions

Once your registration is approved, you’ll receive a confirmation email from DotPay with login instructions for the POS portal.

When logging in for the first time, use the default password provided in the email and reset it after your first login.

The DotPay POS portal allows you to view transactions, generate reports, manage inventory etc. You can also access support and raise tickets from the portal.

DotPay POS Charges and Transaction Fees

DotPay POS charges both a fixed monthly fee and a percentage fee per transaction.

The monthly fee depends on the type of POS device and payment services activated. It typically ranges from NGN 3,000 to NGN 15,000 monthly.

The transaction fee is a percentage charged on the total value of payments processed. DotPay charges between 1.5% – 3.5% per transaction.

Here is a breakup of the common DotPay fees:

Device rental – NGN 3,000 to NGN 15,000 monthly

Card present transactions (swipe) – 1.5% per transaction

Online/eCommerce transactions – 3.5% per transaction

QR payments – 2.0% per transaction

Cashback transactions – 1.5% per transaction (cap of NGN 1,000)

POS withdrawals/transfers – NGN 50 per transfer

Settlement fee – NGN 150 per transfer

There are no hidden charges. The fees are clearly outlined during signup.

Overall, DotPay offers competitive rates compared to traditional banks and POS providers in Nigeria.

DotPay POS Daily Targets and Commissions

As a DotPay agent or merchant, you will get daily targets for processing a minimum number of transactions and value. This helps ensure active usage of the POS.

The daily targets depend on your POS package and payment services activated. A typical daily target would be:

• Minimum 10 transactions per day

• Minimum transaction value of NGN 50,000 per day

Meeting your daily targets consistently helps you earn higher commissions and rewards from DotPay.

The commission structure is:

• Meet 50% of daily target = 1% commission

• Meet 80% of daily target = 1.25% commission

• Meet 100% of daily target = 1.5% commission

• Exceed daily target = 1.75% commission

The commissions are calculated on the transaction value and credited automatically to your DotPay wallet on a monthly basis.

So in summary, DotPay POS agents and merchants can earn commissions ranging from 1% to 1.75% based on meeting the prescribed daily targets.

Becoming a DotPay POS Agent in Nigeria

DotPay recruits dedicated POS agents across Nigeria to promote their payment services to businesses and merchants. As an agent, you earn commissions for every merchant you onboard and activate.

Here is an overview of becoming a DotPay POS agent in Nigeria:

1. Visit the DotPay agent page and fill the application form or email

2. The DotPay agent team will review your application and contact you if shortlisted

3. Attend the agent training workshop organized by DotPay on product features, marketing techniques etc.

4. A starter POS kit will be provided with marketing collaterals and demonstration devices

5. Start acquiring merchants in your locality – SMEs, shops, pharmacies, schools etc.

6. Assist merchants in completing DotPay registration and POS activation

7. Provide ongoing support to your assigned merchants for any POS issues

8. Earn attractive commissions on a monthly basis for new merchant acquisition and transactions

Agents are provided extensive training and support by DotPay. The commission structure is also highly rewarding. Agents can earn between NGN 50,000 to over NGN 200,000 monthly.

It is a great opportunity to earn as a self-employed DotPay POS agent with flexible working hours.

DotPay POS Customer Care Contacts

DotPay offers phone, email and WhatsApp support to both agents and merchants.

Here are the customer care contacts:

Phone Support: 0700 555 5555

WhatsApp Support: 0700 555 5555


The customer care team is available on weekdays from 8 AM to 8 PM.

You can contact them for any support issues related to your DotPay account, POS device, transactions, settlements etc.

In addition to phone and email support, DotPay also provides an online support ticketing system through the POS portal. You can log in to your account and raise a ticket for priority resolution.

Most issues are resolved within 8-12 hours. The customer service is prompt and helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do I need to provide for DotPay POS registration?

You need to provide business registration documents like CAC forms, RC/BN number, tax identification number, business address proof etc. For individual accounts, provide valid ID like national ID card or drivers license.

Can I use my personal smartphone/tablet for DotPay POS?

Yes, you can download the DotPay mobile app on your Android or iOS device and use it to accept payments on-the-go. DotPay will provide a free card reader to attach.

Does DotPay offer wireless/Bluetooth POS devices?

Yes, DotPay has Android wireless POS devices that connect to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. They support card tapping and swiping.

How long does it take to receive the POS device?

You should receive the DotPay POS device within 2-5 business days after successful account activation. For mobile POS, the card reader is shipped immediately.

What is the maximum transaction limit per swipe on DotPay POS?

DotPay POS has a maximum transaction limit of NGN 200,000 per swipe. For higher amounts, you can accept multiple swipes.

Does DotPay offer integration with payment gateways?

Yes, DotPay provides integration with leading payment gateways like Paystack, Flutterwave, Jumia Pay etc. to accept online payments.

How do I withdraw funds from my DotPay wallet?

You can transfer settled funds from your DotPay wallet to your desired bank account. Transfers are processed within 24 hours.

Can I print receipts from the DotPay POS device?

Yes, Android POS devices from DotPay support connecting thermal printers via Bluetooth to print payment receipts.


DotPay POS provides an affordable and user-friendly payment solution for Nigerian businesses to accept card and wallet payments. The application process is quick, charges are competitive, and customer support is excellent. With minimal paperwork and investment, any retail business, supermarket, pharmacy, restaurant or enterprise can start accepting seamless digital payments and expand their revenue.

There is also a great opportunity to earn commissions as a DotPay POS agent by promoting their solution. So if you want to embrace digital payments for your business or earn extra income as an agent, be sure to give DotPay POS a try.

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