PiggyVest Referral Program: Make Money On PiggyVest Referral Program

PiggyVest (formerly PiggyBank) is one of the top savings and investment apps in Nigeria, with over 2 million users. One great way to earn from PiggyVest is through their referral program.

When you refer your friends to open a PiggyVest account using your referral link or code, you can earn commission when they fund their PiggyVest wallets or invest. Keep reading to understand how the PiggyVest referral program works and how you can maximize your earnings.

How the PiggyVest Referral Program Works

To participate in the PiggyVest referral program you first need to have an account yourself. Once signed up, you simply share your unique referral link or code with friends.

You can find your referral link under the ‘Profile’ section of your PiggyVest account. When someone signs up using your referral code or link, they automatically become your referral.

Then, anytime your referrals fund their PiggyVest wallet with new deposits or invest through PiggyVest, you earn 10% commission on their transactions for 3 years.

This means you continue earning so long as your referrals remain active PiggyVest users, giving you earning potential over a long period.

For example, if a friend deposits ₦20,000 into their PiggyVest wallet after signing up with your code, you would earn ₦2,000 immediately in commission. Then if they invest ₦50,000 a few months later, that would trigger another ₦5,000 for you.

So getting more people to sign up via your link leads to higher potential long-term earnings for you through PiggyVest.

Note that the minimum amount your referral must transfer or invest before you can earn commission is ₦1,000. Anything less than that amount will not yield a payout.

How Much Can You Earn from PiggyVest Referrals

The earning potential through the PiggyVest referral program depends on your referral efforts.

The more friends that sign up and actively use PiggyVest via your link, the more you stand you earn. And because you get paid each time your referrals add money or invest over a 3 year period, earnings from previously referred users can really compound.

PiggyVest places no cap on the referral earnings amount per user. So if you are able to refer hundreds or even thousands of active PiggyVest users, you could earn quite substantially through commissions.

For some context, if you referred 100 people who each deposited ₦5,000 into their PiggyVest wallet, you would earn ₦50,000 immediately from that, and have potential to earn more over time as they continue using PiggyVest.

And if even 10 of those 100 referrals became power PiggyVest users investing ₦100,000 or more annually, that could lead to over ₦300,000 per year in recurring commission earnings for you year after year.

So while it may take consistent effort to maximize PiggyVest referrals, the long-term earning potential is quite high.

Getting Started with Referring Friends to PiggyVest

If you are ready to get started earning from the PiggyVest referral program, here are some tips:

1. Share your unique referral link prominently on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp status updates etc. Ask friends directly but also share to a wider audience to increase exposure.

2. Explain the key benefits of using PiggyVest when promoting your link such as great savings interest rates, flexibility of withdrawals, affordable investment offerings with great returns etc. This will motivate more sign ups.

3. Offer incentives for people to sign up using your link, like giving the first 3 people who open and fund a PiggyVest account from your referral ₦1,000 themselves as a cash incentive. This extra motivation can help convert sign ups.

4. Craft an email template explaining PiggyVest and the referral program that people can easily forward to their own networks. Expand your reach through contacts of contacts.

5. Add your PiggyVest referral link to your email signatures, website bios, LinkedIn profile etc so it’s displayed prominently everywhere possible online.

6. Develop content (blogs, videos etc) providing value around personal finance topics and subtly reference your PiggyVest referral links within them. This content marketing can drive steady sign ups over time.

The more places you can feature your PiggyVest referral links and code and motivate clicks, the faster your referral income will grow. So get creative in promoting it.

Maximizing Long-Term Earnings from Your Referrals

While getting initial sign ups is great, you want to ensure those referrals become active PiggyVest users for maximum earnings over time. Here are some ideas:

– Maintain communication with your referrals, sending reminders, savings tips etc to keep them engaged with PiggyVest

– Share updates when you hit new referral milestone earnings. This social proof can inspire referrals to utilize PiggyVest more to contribute

– Reward power users more, for instance giving an extra cash bonus to referrals that maintain ₦100k+ in investments for 6 months or more

– Share PiggyVest content and financial advice constantly. This positions you as an expert and may lead referrals to increase PiggyVest activity

– Send periodic emails reminding referrals to take key actions like making a Flex Naira deposit or starting a new Safelock savings plan

Essentially you want to incentivize referrals on an ongoing basis, and also share value that makes them appreciate PiggyVest more. This lasting engagement equals lasting commission potential.

Over time, identify and focus energy on engaging your top tier referrals more. These power users represent the bulk of your potential earnings, so getting them actively using PiggyVest for the long haul is crucial.

Tracking Your PiggyVest Referral Earnings

It’s important to track your referral earnings progress to better understand what’s working well.

Within your PiggyVest account you have access to reports showing details like:

• Number of users that signed up via your link/code

• Amount of Flex Naira deposits made by your referrals

• Volume of investments made by your referrals

• Your lifetime referral earnings amount

Checking your referral dashboards frequently allows you see how much you are currently earning from referrals, which referral channels are delivering the most sign ups, any power referrals emerging etc.

You can then use these insights to double down on the most successful tactics, engage power referrals more, or shift strategies if needed. So be sure to monitor the reports consistently.

Risks and Downsides

While PiggyVest’s referral program offers excellent long term earning potential, there are some risks and downsides to factor in as well:

• It takes considerable effort and time invested to build a sizable referral network and maintain engagement

• If your referrals stop actively funding wallets or investing for a prolonged period you lose earning capability

• PiggyVest could limit or discontinue the referral program in the future

• Technical issues that incorrectly track or attribute referrals could lead to lost earnings

So while you stand to earn quite substantially over time if done right, also expect to put in work referring and nurturing referrals, and be aware factors outside your control could limit earnings.

Going the extra mile to maintain strong relationships with referrals helps mitigate risks though and maximize the likelihood of long-term earnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for the PiggyVest referral program?

To sign up, simply create a PiggyVest account if you don’t already have one. Then you can find your unique referral link in the ‘Profile’ section to start referring friends.

When do I get paid my referral bonus?

You will receive your referral bonus immediately after your friend’s first transaction of ₦1000 or more, whether that’s funding their PiggyVest wallet or making an investment.

Does my referral bonus expire?

No, your referral bonus does not expire. You will continue earning 10% commission on your referrals’ transactions for a full 3 years after sign up.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn from referrals?

There is no limit set by PiggyVest. You can potentially earn as much as your referral network uses PiggyVest over time.

What’s the minimum my referral must do for me to earn?

The minimum activity from your referral before you can earn commission is funding their wallet or investing ₦1000. Anything less will not trigger a payout.

How do my friends sign up with my link?

You simply share your unique referral link with friends via messaging, email, social media, etc. When they click it and complete their PiggyVest registration, they automatically become your referral.

Is the PiggyVest Referral Program Worth It?

Considering the generous 10% commission rate, 3 year cookie period, and immense growth potential, PiggyVest’s referral program is extremely worthwhile.

The combination of attractive incentives plus PiggyVest’s fantastic product experience and branding means you get paid well for exposing new users to something valuable.

You can tap into the fast growing fintech and personal finance industries in Africa while also helping friends improve their financial lives. That’s powerful value exchange.

And compared to promoting consumer products or services with one-time commissions, you earn recurring commission on savings and investments. As PiggyVest grows its user base, your referral pipeline strengthens.

So if you have influence and some marketing skills, you could earn serious passive income through PiggyVest referrals over time.

The effort to activate and maintain referrals is absolutely worth it. No reason not to give the PiggyVest referral program a shot.

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