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How to Increase WhatsApp Status Viewers


Increase WhatsApp Status Views

Ever wished you had more WhatsApp views? You don’t need to go elsewhere because this content is what you need.
Today, I’ll demonstrate how to get at least 1000 free WhatsApp status views. Good, huh?
Indeed, it is. All you need for today’s tutorial is your WhatsApp account, a handful of my WhatsApp Drive groups, and the guidelines below.

WhatsApp Status: What is it?

With WhatsApp Status, you may publish text, pictures, videos, and animated GIFs, but they disappear after 24 hours. People commonly express their emotions via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp status viewer

Fastest way to grow WhatsApp Views

My three methods for increasing WhatsApp status views consist of two automatic methods and two manual methods. Using the first two ways is not required, however it is strongly advised. So you want to know more?

3 methods to increase WhatsApp Status Viewers



       The best and quickest way to increase WhatsApp status views is using this.To obtain the VCF file, you only need to see the page and then return by 9 p.m.
Immediately following installation of the downloaded file, the contact connected with it will be saved on your phone.
They also provide a premium version for N200 that is suitable for TV owners.


                   Similar to WSV, the Genix Booster initiative intends to give users the opportunity to increase the number of people who view their WhatsApp status updates or join a WhatsApp Group.
You can utilize the website to increase the number of people who view your WhatsApp profile. The only problem I have with the platform is that it is not automated; you may need to manually contact with each user.
Why then are you still holding out? Start by going to the website.


This is essentially the best and most recent strategy to increase WhatsApp status views. It is quite simple to use. Visit the WhatsappStatusViews website, enter your phone number, and then come back before 9:30 p.m. to get the VCF file you were given.
The best aspect of WSV is that all services are free and there are no login or password restrictions. I can confidently claim that WSV is legit because I have personally tried them.
WSV provides top-notch customer support. Why then are you still holding out? Now go to ng to start with

Can I increase WhatsApp viewers for Free?

    Yes, you can increase your WhatsApp viewers without having to pay any promoter to get people engaged to your link . Follow the procedure above to get started.

What is Maximum Viewers of WhatsApp Status ?

     There is no maximum viewers, you can have as many as possible , get thousands of friends to view your status.. The more the contact , the more the viewers increase.

How Do I Get People to View my Status?

     There are many a lot of ways to get  viewers to view your status, all you need to do is just  look for a way to connect with them extracting various contact from a group or community and request to view each other Status. the more you private message the more you have the chance of increasing your viewers.

How to Increase WhatsApp status viewers from 0-5000 viewers

        If you do not have much Status viewers on you WhatsApp update , then this is for you,, The strategic way to increase your viewers faster is to do the following , it will grow your viewers from 0-5000 viewers within few days.

              5 ways to increase your WhatsApp Status 

  1. Get to know more people by requesting for their WhatsApp contact
  2. Private chat people from group and community to request viewing each other Status
  3. Pay for well known promoter to promote your WhatsApp link
  4. Use the above listed website to gain contacts for free
  5. keep on posting funny memes to get people engaged to your updates

How To increase 30seconds WhatsApp Status Limit 

        There are two ways to increase 30 seconds WhatsApp status limit when posting videos update with your phones.
  1. Create Several 30 seconds clips
  2. Convert the video into GIF image

            How To create several 30seconds clips on WhatsApp Status

        WhatsApp created an option for users to be able to cut a long video they are willing to upload and share to users to multiple 30 seconds video 

       7 procedures to Convert long Videos to 30 seconds WhatsApp Status

  1. open your WhatsApp Application
  2. Click on your Status update
  3. UPload your desired video from your gallery
  4. Once you uploaded the video, it will automatically be trimmed to first 30seconds which means 0-30seconds.
  5. upload the first video and reupload the video again
  6. This time you will move forward the first 30seconds trimmed video which means 30seconds-1minute
  7. Keep repeating the previous process till you cover up the whole video.

        How  to convert  Video into GIF image on WhatsApp

            To convert video into GIF image on WhatsApp, Just upload the video from your gallery then switch the menu provided on your WhatsApp from Video to GIF, it will automatically get converted to GIF which you can share with your contacts.

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