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Credit Cards In The US- List Of Top 3 Credit Cards In United States

Choosing the right credit card can sometimes be difficult due to the number of credit cards out there. As a result of this, we decided to write about different credit cards in the U.S. This list we have here are based on users’ review, annual fees, durability, offline and online payments, welcome bonus and other rewards.

We wrote on this list to help you make the right financial decision when it comes to choosing the right credit card in the United States.
Without wasting much time, let us dive straight into the top credit cards in the united state, and why you should choose those credit cards.
Credit Cards In The US- List Of Top Credit Cards In United States

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Top 3 Credit Cards In the United States

Here is the list of credit cards in the United States. This list contains all of the credit cards you need to know. We’ll keep on updating this article with any credit card that makes our list of the Top Credit Cards in the United States. 
  • Merrill Accolades American Express Card
  • Apple Card
  • Barclaycard

Merrill Accolades American Express Card

Merrill Accolades American Express Card is a credit card which was previously known as the Bank of America Accolades Card. The card is a premium credit card which you can get from the Bank Of America. The card is specifically designed for a specific class of individuals who are considered affluent, wealthy and ultra-wealthy clients. This service is being served through what is known as Premier Banking & Investments.
The card is a co-branded card that is accepted by merchants who accept the American Express card.

Fees For Merrill Accolades American Express Card

The fee for the Merrill Accolades American Express Card is $295, but there are other exceptions. One interesting thing is the fact that current clients of Bank of America Premier Banking & Investments, Private Bank, and Family Wealth Advisers are qualified to have the annual fee waived each year if they maintained assets greater than $350,000 with BOA and their affiliates.

Why You Should Use Merrill Accolades American Express Card

As a user of Merrill Accolades American Express Card, you’ll get to receive redeemable points for luxury vacations, cooking and other lessons, concierge services, and other benefits.
You’ll also get to enjoy the Priority Pass program. The program gives you access to 350+ airport lounges around the world and you’ll also receive 10 free passes each year with an option to purchase additional passes at $27 each.

Apple Card

The Apple Credit Card is a product of Apple inc. The card is issued by  Goldman Sachs and designed primarily to be used with Apple Pay on Apple devices such as an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac.
The Apple credit card is having over 6.7 million American cardholders as of 2022, according to (Wikipedia) and the card is only available to individuals living in the united.
Ever since the card was officially launched by Apple inc on the 20th of august 2019, there has been a massive turn up in the number of individuals who picked interest in using the card. One of the ways apple was able to get such turn-up, they were able to reach out to some of their customers who signed up for their newsletters.
Apple Credit Card has some amazing features such as no fees, software that encourages users to avoid debt or pay it down quickly, the industry’s lowest interest rate range for comparable cards, and a mandate to approve as many iPhone users as possible.

Cash Back For Apple Card

When you make a purchase using your apple physical card, you automatically earn 1% while you earn 2% on purchase you made using Apple Pay. Another great cash back is the one where you earn 3% when you make a purchase at any Apple store or their selected partners. This cashback is deposited into your Apple Cash account or applied as a statement credit.

Fees For Apple Credit Card

Apple Credit Card does not charge fees on late payments, foreign transactions, return payments, or annual credit card fees. The only thing it does is generate interest fees when carrying a balance and interchange fees charged to the vendor.

Security Of Apple Credit Card

Each device is given a special card number that is kept in a secure element and utilized by Apple Pay to process payments and perform on-device cryptographic operations. Each transaction is approved by Face ID, Touch ID, or a password and utilizes a unique one-time dynamic security code.
Similar to Apple Cash, Apple Card transaction history is secured so that only the authorized account holder can see it, and it is kept on and synchronized between devices via iCloud. To apply for an Apple Card, the user’s Apple ID account must have two-factor authentication activated.


Barclays introduced Barclaycard on June 29, 1966, at first as a charge card, but on November 8, 1967, it was changed to a credit card after the Bank of England approved the sale of revolving credit. Before the Access Card was introduced in October 1972, it had a stranglehold on the credit card market in the UK.
However, Diners Club and American Express both introduced their charge cards in 1962 and 1963, predating Barclays as the country’s first credit card issuer.
When Barclaycard was established in September 1976, it was a licensee of BankAmericard and joined the Visa network. Over 100,000 clients had their credit limits reduced by Barclaycard in 2021.

How Barclaycard’s minimum payments works

The minimum payment you make will be customized for you. Depending on the particular consumer, the exact payments will be the highest of the following three calculations:
2% to 5% of the principal balance (plus any instalment plan payments) — this varies depending on the customer — or £5, or the total outstanding balance of an account if it is less than £5.
1% to 3% of the principal balance, plus any interest, default fees, or account maintenance — this varies depending on the customer.
In response to guidelines established by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in 2018 to assist customers in “chronic debt,” Barclaycard has modified its terms and conditions.

What costs will you incur on Barclay Card?

On cash transfers, interest
You won’t be charged interest on transactions using sterling cash if you pay off your whole principal debt, along with any remaining payments on your instalment plan, in full (for example, when you take cash out with your card in the UK). If not, interest will continue to be applied to your account from the time the transaction is added, and it will show up on your subsequent statement.
Fees for credit limits
There will be no more £12 over-credit-limit fees from Barclaycard. Additionally, if you exceed your credit limit or fail to make a minimum payment, you will no longer lose any promotional rates. However, if you do exceed your credit limit or fail to make the minimum payment, it may have an impact on your credit history, making it more difficult or expensive for you to borrow money in the future.
Costs for late payments
Only four times per year will late payment penalties be applied to your account. Each missed payment now carries a fine of £12. According to the new regulations, the most you might spend on late fees in a single year is £48.

Eligibility Criteria for Barclay Credit Card

When you apply, Barclaycard will do a thorough credit check to determine your eligibility for a variety of cards.
For Barclaycard rewards cards and its top 0% interest offer cards, you’ll probably need a decent to exceptional credit score to get approved. The credit builder card or some of the shorter balance transfer cards can still be authorized for you even if your credit score is lower.
However, it becomes sensitive to first learn your credit score if you don’t already know it so you can assess your situation. With our credit monitor tool, you may obtain your credit report and score for nothing. We’ll also provide you with more advice on how to improve your credit.

How soon can I expect to receive a card?

A Barclaycard may be obtained quickly; after providing your information, if you are qualified, approval will often come quickly. Within seven days, your actual card will be sent.

Conclusion/ Final Verdict

There are so many credit cards out there but we decided to pick this three because they are meant for all classes. If you find this article helpful, you can share it. This will encourage us to write more informative articles like this in the future.
For any questions or inquiries, you can drop them in the comment section. We’ll try to respond as fast as we can.

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