Ademola Suzi latest Hit track

         Ademola Suzi latest Hit Track

  Who is Ademola Suzi?



                       His real life name is Ademola Adegoke Ogunsusi  and his stage name is Ademola Suzy, he hails from Ondo state, a native of ode-irele and he was born in the early 1970s.

                        He graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University where he studied French and he is also the executive chairman of Demola Suzi music worldwide . The company is into music and other related activities related to music.

                        Sir Ademola Suzi began his music career in the early 2000s and he has performed in many shows . His music career was noticed when he was 12years old where he sing and beat drum in an amazing way.

       Latest Hit track by Ademola suzi

                        Ademola Suzi has gained ground and he has produced alot of hit tracks , but in this article, I will be providing you with the latest hit track produced by Ademola Suzi.

               List of Hit track by Ademola Suzi

    1.       E ye wa
    2.       Gbe fun
    3.       Na my day
    4.       Ilu pan
    5.       All my Praise
    6.       Irele

    Download Latest Music audio by Ademola Suzy

                        The above are the list of latest music audio by Ademola Suzy , kindly click on download to get it directly into your mobile phone.

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    Demola suzi live audio download

                     Demola Suzi live audion download was recorded on stage where he plays for wedding, burial ceremony, naming ceremony and all others . you can get his live audio download on his facebook page and youtube channel or click on the download button above to download his latest hit track

    Download Demola Suzi “All My Praise”

                    All my Praise is a music track produced by Demola Suzy  after singing ILU PAN, you can also use the button above to get it directly to your phone.

Mega 99 ft Demola Suzi  mp3 download

                    Mega 99 and Sir Demola suzi performed on a stage and recorded a live audio , kindly use the YouTube link below to download Mega 99 and Demola Suzy live audio

             Click Me To Download Mega 99 ft Demola suzi 


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